Localscope app adds support for location based reminders

Using location based reminders on iOS can no doubt be useful, but adding a specific location to the Reminders app can certainly be a drag. For instance, say you want to be reminded of a cheque that needs to be deposited when you drive by your local bank. To do this, you can create said reminder, turn on “Remind Me at a Location” and choose either your current location or enter the actual address. Unless you know your bank’s address, you pretty much don’t have a choice but to open Safari, lookup the info online, and copy & paste it back into the app. Needless to say, this is rather time consuming. Thankfully, there are easier ways to accomplish this, particularly with the help of the recently updated Localscope app for the iPhone.

Localscope is a great discovery app that aggregates POIs from various search engines and social networks (i.e Google Maps, Google+ Local, Yelp, Citysearch, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook etc) in order to help you find places easily. With the 3.0 update, the app is now able to add geo tagged reminders for locations and places you discover in Localscope.

Starting today, Localscope promises to help you better remember things you want to do at or around locations. Version 3 introduces integration with the iPhone’s reminders system enabling users to set location based reminders at any location discovered with Localscope. Users can choose to be alerted by push notifications on arrival at, or departure from the location and even categorize the reminders into lists, all this from within Localscope.

Beyond adding reminders, Localscope aggregates all location based reminders from the reminders app and presents them as search and discovery sources in Localscope. This lets users visualize reminders as location points using the 3 unique views of Localscope and take further actions on the reminders like navigating to the points using any of the integrated navigation apps.

With this functionality, it’s a cinch to look up a particular business/place near you and set reminders for either when you leave or arrive at that location. I’ve been adding location based reminders via Localscope the past several days and it really does simplify the process. With Apple’s own Maps app providing so few POIs at this time, using Localscope’s aggregated search engines to discover places is far superior. And if you need turn-by-turn directions to a location, Localscope supports a number of navigation apps (think of it as an “open in” feature) like Apple’s Maps app, Waze, Telenav, TomTom, NAVIGON and more.

One thing is keep in mind that is Localscope 3.0 now only supports iOS 6. So if you’re still rocking iOS 5, sadly the app won’t be compatible with your device. If however, you’re using the latest iOS, Localscope is $1.99 and a free upgrade for exisiting users.

Localscope Cynapse, Localscope – $1.99

What’s New in Version 3.0

★ Bi-directional integration with iOS Reminders
– Add geo tagged reminders for any location or content you discover in Localscope.
– Choose to be alerted by push notifications when you arrive near the location or depart from the location
– Categorize reminders into reminder lists
– Browse all geo-tagged reminders using the list, map or augment reality view with the Reminders discovery source
– Search geo tagged reminders with the Reminders search source
– Perform Localscope actions with geo tagged reminders. e.g. Get directions to the location of a reminder using any of the integrated navigation apps

★ New source – Search and Discover places globally using Factual.

★ Designed for iOS6
– Updated user interface to better match the new iOS6 design
– Integrates with the new Apple Maps app – Enhance the iOS6 maps experience by discovering locations using Localscope and opening them in the new maps app for turn by turn directions.
– Optionally use Google maps (Mobile web) to navigate to a location
– Share locations or links to local content using the new iOS6 sharing system
– Native Facebook account integration

★ New view for connected car receiver HUDs or other supported secondary displays, that even works with the AppleTV over Airplay Mirroring

★ Improved Augmented Reality – now uses the phone’s Gyroscope that allows for a much more stable viewing experience.

★ Updated the integration with MotionX GPS Drive and Sygic to support the latest versions of their apps

★ Updated and optimized for the new iPhone 5

★ Various performance improvements and user experience enhancements

★ Requires iOS 6+


Location Browser for your iPhone

Localscope is a window to your world that lets you explore your surroundings like never before. Discover and find places, people and information around you using geo-tagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, media sharing services and other apps.

★ Named the best iPhone Navigation app in the App Store Rewind 2011 ★
★ Featured by Apple in Staff Favorites, App of the Week, What’s Hot ★


✔ Works worldwide – Explore your location wherever you are
✔ Explore geo-tagged information, photos and videos around you aggregated from diverse services
✔ Lookup your recent and favorite search phrases or browse everything nearby in a tap!!!
✔ Browse your search results in an amazingly intuitive list or gallery view with realtime direction pointers and distance meters
✔ Lay the results out on the map or look through the state of the art augmented reality view to spot the results in the real world
✔ Flick through results from different services and experience them side-by-side using the intuitive source slider
✔ Get rich information about places including informative badges for ratings, checkins, likes and more
✔ Navigate and get directions to your results, call them directly or store them to your address book in a tap
✔ Add geo-tagged reminders for any location and choose to get push notifications on arrival or departure from the proximity of the location
✔ Share your findings with your friends using Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo
✔ Explore detailed information about a result using the in-app browser or open it into a linked native app
✔ Explore any part of the world by setting it as your virtual location
✔ See POIs laid out on a map on connected car receiver HUDs or other supported secondary displays. Even works with the AppleTV over Airplay Mirroring
✔ And many more nifty features!


Localscope currently aggregates information from the following services:

✔ Google Maps
✔ Google+ Local
✔ Facebook
✔ Foursquare
✔ Twitter
✔ iOS Reminders
✔ YouTube
✔ Instagram
✔ Panoramio
✔ Flickr
✔ Picasa
✔ Wikimapia
✔ Wikipedia
✔ Factual
✔ Citysearch
✔ Yelp


Localscope integrates with the following navigation apps for one touch turn-by-turn directions to discovered locations:

✔ Apple Maps App
✔ Google Maps (Mobile web)
✔ TomTom
✔ Navigon MobileNavigator
✔ MotionX GPS Drive
✔ Magellan RoadMate
✔ Navfree / Navmii GPS navigation
✔ MetroView Australia and NewZealand
✔ Sygic GPS Navigation
✔ iGo Primo
✔ Waze
✔ MotionX GPS & HD
✔ VZ Navigator
✔ Telenav


Localscope integrates and seamlessly opens results into the following apps to provide further interactions like checking in, liking, commenting etc.:

✔ Twitter
✔ Foursquare
✔ Instagram
✔ Yelp

[Localscope blog]

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