Blueprint 3D 2.0 update let’s you 3D explode any picture

Blueprint 3D (TMA Review), a highly unique puzzle game for iOS has been updated to 2.0, where players now are able to snap pictures of real life objects and create their very own 3D puzzles. For those not familiar with the game (its rotation-based gameplay is similar to Zen Bound 2), players have to rotate unknown “exploded” objects every which way in an attempt to fully reveal them before time is up.

With the ability to 3D explode any picture, the update offers essentially unlimited replay value. So long as your iDevice has a camera and is running at least iOS 4.3, you’ll be able to create your own puzzles and share them with friends. Version 2.0 also adds iCloud support for syncing between Blueprint3D and Blueprint3D HD, a “Halloween” level pack with 27 new levels and new achievements and leaderboards.

The update is free for those who’ve already purchased the game, otherwise the iPhone version goes for $0.99 and Blueprint HD for the iPad is $2.99. The video demo below illustrates how the game “explodes” pictures taken or imported with an iPad.

Blueprint 3D FDG Entertainment, Blueprint 3D (TMA Review) – $0.99
Blueprint 3D HD FDG Entertainment, Blueprint 3D HD – $2.99

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