Latest Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour video shows off killer graphics

Gameloft has released the first Dev Diary video for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, the highly anticipated FPS and one of the most popular in the genre for iOS and Android. The next installment in the series utilizes the Havoc game engine, which you can thank for its spectacular graphics. One twist that should please gamers is how they’ll only only be able to play as US soldier, but also the president-kidnapping villain, Edward Page. MC4 will also offer a new specialization systems feature that will allow you to choose from several ‘perks’, those of which provide various bonuses to complement different styles of play.

While other details aren’t fully revealed as yet, we do know that the game will support the iPhone 5. This should help make playing a first person shooter slightly more comfortable on a hand held device. And hopefully MC4 will support the Duo Gamer as well, particular for those who plan on getting the dedicated dual stick controller. As for the release date, expect it to drop for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices in the fall. Check out the insightful dev diary below.

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