Just Landed for iPhone simplifies picking up friends and family at the airport

If you find picking up people from the airport a chore (check flight times, calculate when you should leave home etc.), let Just Landed for iPhone help. It’s currently free, well designed and actually works. Unlike a host of other flight tracking apps available for iOS (i.e Flight Track), Just Landed simply tracks inbound flights. Enter the airline code and flight number, and the app will show the landing time, terminal number and approximate driving time based on traffic conditions. And so long as location services is turned on, it’ll even notify you in the background when the the flight has landed and when you should leave for the airport.

Here’s a notification in the locked screen reminding me that the flight will be landing soon, as well as fact that I should be leaving home for the drive over. The cool thing about Just Landed is that it’ll update itself even if you’re on the move. So if your location has changed since you entered the flight info into the app, it’ll also update the corresponding times for when you should start heading out to the airport.

Just Landed is definitely a great little app to for those airport pick ups. And it’s a total bonus that it’s currently free for a limited time.

Just Landed™ Little Details, Just Landed™ – Free


Helps you pick people up at the airport on time.

★★★ Free for a limited time. ★★★

✈ Track inbound flights
✈ Reminds you when it’s time to go to the airport
✈ Uses traffic data when estimating driving time
✈ Notifies you about any flight status changes
✈ Text the person you’re picking up on arrival

Just Landed is the only app that tells you when to go to the airport to pick someone up!

★★★ Featured by Apple multiple times. ★★★

“Seamless airport pickup” – Lifehacker
“Gorgeous UI” – MacLife
“Beautifully designed” – Mashable

Just Landedâ„¢ intelligently updates itself using your current location and the latest flight and traffic information. Just go about your day and the app will tell you when it’s time to head for the airport. Never be late to pick someone up again!

*** Concerned about battery life? Read below. ***

Just Landedâ„¢ uses a form of background location monitoring called “geofencing” that was introduced in iOS 4. We do this to keep your airport reminders up to date even if you happen to move location while the app is in the background. This form of location monitoring uses dramatically less power than using your phone’s GPS. We’ve made sure that the app does not drain your battery, and if you like, you can also disable the background location monitoring via the app’s settings.


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