Street View arrives on iOS 6 via Google Maps web app

While Google has no plans yet for a dedicated iOS 6 Maps app, iOS 6 users (particularly those with an iPhone 5) finally have access to Google Street View for when the need to look up local hotspots in a virtual 360 view arises. If you’ve ever used this amazing tool before, you know just how handy it can be when trying to locate a particular landmark. This is now possible on the latest OS thanks to an updated Google Maps web app, which can be accessed from mobile browsers like Safari or Chrome. Simply head over to on your iDevice, look up a point of interest in the search bar and ballon-shaped markers will be displayed on the map. Tap on one of them and an info bar will appear at the bottom, with options to call, get directions and a person icon for enabling Street View (if not available for the location, it’ll be greyed out). Conversely, you can simply tap on any POIs on the map to bring up said info bar.

The web version of Street View still lags behind the Google Maps app found on iOS 5 for several reasons. For starters, the iOS 5 app actually lets you drop a pin on basically any road/intersection and zoom into street view (on web app you must tap on a POI). The other thing is on the app, there’s a compass-like indicator in the bottom right corner that shows you which direction you’re currently looking, a feature that is missing on the web version. That being said though, this is definitely a great start for iOS 6/iPhone 5 users who wish to use Street View. It works better than I’d expected as a web app and panning around in street view is surprisingly smooth. Now if only Google and Apple can play nice and release a Google Maps app for iOS 6.

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