Camera+ updated to support iPhone 5’s new and improved low light mode

Camera+, one of the most popular and feature-laden third party camera apps for the iPhone, has just become the first app to support the iPhone 5’s dynamic low light mode. As explained on stage during the official unveiling, the iPhone 5’s camera provides up to 2 f-stops greater low light performance, meaning it can go all the way up to 3200 ISO when needed (vs 800 previously). As explained by Scott Meinzer of TapTapTap:

Apple has added the ability for the sensor in the iPhone 5 to take pictures at 4 times the sensitivity. If you’re a camera buff this means the ISO can go from a limit of 800 before, up to 3200 now!

We’re excited to announce that Camera+ 3.5.1 supports extended low-light shooting on the iPhone 5! To show you exactly what this means we’ve taken a comparison photo with Camera+ on the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5 with new low-light mode. It adds some additional noise, as you can see in the 100% zoom, but it also enables you to take photos you wouldn’t have been able to take otherwise.

Here’s a comparison shot of photos taken in low light between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5:

It goes without saying that when the ISO is bumped up on the iPhone 5 – in this case to ISO 2000 – the resulting image quality is one that is quite respectable. Whereas with ISO 800, the images are dark, lack detail and likely won’t make its way into your photo album. It should be noted (as pointed out by John Gruber) that the iPhone 5’s built-in camera can go up to ISO 3200. But current 3rd party camera apps (aside from Camera+ for time being) won’t be able to reach that limit unless they update their apps with several low light boost mode properties enabled. Otherwise, they can only shoot up to ISO 800.

The Camera+ update (v3.5.1) also adds higher quality photos when sharing to Facebook, and general fixes found in iOS 6. If you have an iPhone 5 and need a camera app that not only supports the new dynamic low light mode, but also want some features like Touch Exposure & Focus and dozens of effects (to name just a few), Camera+ is a great choice – and a cheap one too at only $0.99.

Camera+ tap tap tap, Camera+ (TMA Review) – $0.99

[taptaptap via TNW]

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