One Tap Hero in Review – One Tap Is All You Need

If it weren’t for the fact that other publishers release great games as well, I could easily spend my game time just playing titles from Chillingo.  The advantage to being latched on to a publisher is that you’re more likely to get a wide variety of game styles to choose from, and in this case we have a one touch platformer with a hero that looks like something out of a little animated segment you might see in between live footage on a kids’ program from the 80s.  Growing up with the gaming industry and watching the need of designers to try and cram more buttons and triggers onto a controller, it always amazes me when someone can make a fun and challenging game where you have one control.  That’s why I like One Tap Hero so much.

It seems an evil wizard has a weird fetish about turning your girlfriend into a bear, and it’s up to you to keep trying to change her back.  You’ll have to flip switches, jump over pits, hoist yourself up onto ledges, dodge boulders and much more in the 100 levels you must traverse to ultimately free your girlfriend from her ursine curse.  Much like the concept of an infinite runner, your character is basically always on the move, unless there’s something blocking his path.  For everything else all you can do is tap the screen.  It’s not about where you tap on the screen, but rather where your character is on the screen when you tap.

Controlling your character is quite responsive.  The only issue I’ve had is that sometimes things are too close together.  For example, you might try tapping to flip a switch and end up climbing up an elevator (don’t know if that one really exists, but you get my drift).  Otherwise the levels are quite well designed and often rather devious.  There are three stars to collect on each level, as well as coins scattered throughout the land.  Some levels have keys that you need to unlock bonus levels, and occasionally a level has a bonus item that’s worth extra coins.  Once you’ve played a level with a key or bonus item, if you didn’t get the items you’ll see little markers on the level select to indicate what you missed.

The coins can be used to buy several different costumes or keys if you don’t feel like getting them from the levels.  Thanks to IAP you can also buy coins and a bomb that will automatically complete a level for you and award you all three stars.  It would be nice to have a few more things to spend your coins on, but at least there’s some reason for collecting them.  If collecting three stars or trying to improve your score isn’t enough incentive to replay levels, there are also several achievements to earn.

The visuals are all about colorful and cute.  They went with a “tiny but detailed” motif, with cool character designs and nice animation.  I’d highly suggest skipping over the leaf costume, however, as it’s almost more disturbing than your character running around without clothes!  The sound effects just enhance the cuteness of the game, though the echo when your character dies can be a bit haunting.  The music is well done and there are several different tunes throughout the game, including a really neat one in the credits (where you’ll also see my name – go check it out).

One Tap Hero is another shining example of a publisher knowing what’s good to publish.  The game is fun, challenging and great to look at and listen to.  My only real gripe is that it has some issues on my iPod Touch 4 with crashing, but then so do half the games I play these days.  One Tap Hero is still perfectly playable even on my device, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: One Tap Heroâ„¢ Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 3.1
Price: $0.99 App Size:
  • Simple mechanics but diverse game play
  • Challenging but fair levels
  • Cute visuals
  • Good audio
  • Occasional crashing on iPod Touch 4


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