Jasmine is a great looking (and free) YouTube client for the iPhone and iPad

Jasmine youtube player on the iPad

Watching YouTube videos on your iDevice has just gotten a whole lot prettier thanks to the recently released Jasmine app. Brought to you by Jason Morrissey, the developer of Alien Blue (a client for Reddit that looks equally clean and well designed), Jasmine is a YouTube client that not only looks great, but is fully featured. It has a day/night theme, supports Playlists/Favourites/Subscriptions (login to your YouTube account), and you can also play audio from music videos in the background while you check your emails/iMessages.

Seeing how the standalone YouTube app doesn’t have native support yet for the iPad, Jasmine is even more attractive to YouTube-aholics as it is a universal app. On the iPad, its multi-column design makes navigating through all the videos more intuitive and frankly, it works really well. And for all you new iPhone 5 owners out there, Jasmine is already optimized for the taller 4″ screen. Best of all, it’s completely free, though you can upgrade to the “PRO” version to support the developer and gain access to Parental Controls for restricting what your kids can watch/look up. The only downside is that the app requires iOS 6, so those still using iOS 5 or lower will have to continue using Apple or Google’s own YouTube app for the time being.

Jasmine - YouTube Client Morrissey Exchange, Jasmine – YouTube Client – Free

Jasmine on the iPhone 5

App Description

★ Retina iPad ★ iPhone 5 Ready ★


– Smooth and responsive interface
– Night theme & dimming support for browsing in low light
– Full support for managing playlists
– Play audio/playlists in the background while you use other apps
– Remembers your position when returning to long videos
– Parental Controls to curate content and restrict video discovery (PRO)
– Browse and discover channels
– Post comments and replies
– Aggressive filtering for comment spam and channel promotions
– Supports AirPlay
– Share videos via Twitter & Facebook


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