How easy is it to scratch or crack the iPhone 5 screen? [Video]

Wondering how durable your new iPhone 5 is and whether its screen is easy to crack from accidental drops? Repair site iFixYouri has put the just released iPhone 5 to the test by scratching its 4″ screen with a razon blade and keys, as well as dropping it from varying heights. Judging from the video, it appears that the front glass is even more scratch resistant than before, and the screen didn’t break from multiple falls (until it was basically thrown on the ground).

This phone is by far the most durable iPhone we have seen. The strengthened new gorilla glass, paired with the light design is definitely beneficial to the iPhone being able to survive your average drop.

Mind you, reviews online like Pocket Lint’s have already pointed that the edges of the iPhone 5 (particularly the Black/Slate one) is susceptible to scuffing. Even new owners have noticed this issue from the get go. Needless to say, if you’re worried about scratches and scuffs on your iPhone 5, either handle with extreme care or slap on a protective case ASAP.

  • kws

    I’ve had my iphone 5 for 7 months without a screen protector and just recently I’ve noticed scratches on the screen. I never put my phone with keys or anything else that could even remotely scratch the screen so I’m somewhat dumbfounded as to what caused the scratches. So I guess if you want a perfect screen you need a protector after all. The scratches aren’t that noticeable, but you can feel them with your finger nail.

  • Louis

    I have been using my i5 without a screen protector for the past 4 months now and I too have noticed some really tiny scratches – one in particular that you can feel your finger nail and see when under a certain light. Don’t really recall how that happened, but I guess with everyday use it’s pretty hard not to ding it up a bit – no matter how small. A protector is definitely needed if you want it blemish free. Guess it maybe time for me to put my new invisibleShield back on.

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