Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle: Pay what you want for 9 award-winning Mac Apps

We’ve covered a number of Stacksocial deals on TMA before, but their latest offer really is quite fantastic. Following in the footsteps of the Humble Bundle, the The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle lets you choose how much you want to pay for these great Mac apps, 10% of which will go to a charity of your choice.

That’s right. We’ve partnered with 9 of the world’s finest Mac App developers to bring you the first-ever Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle. You pay what you want for six different Mac Apps that will make you faster and more efficient on your Mac including

Basically, if you decide to pay say, $5, you’ll end up getting iDocument, Jaksta, skEdit, iClip, Sparkbox, and MacCleanse. But if you  dishout more than the average (currently $12.28), you’ll also end up getting MacFlux 4 (a more than capable and easy to use website builder), Typinator 5, and ForkLift 2. Of course, you can simply pay the $49 recommended price, or even the “leaderboard” price – where your name will get to shine on well, the leaderboard. The total value of this bundle is $340.

If you do want to snag all 9 apps but only want to pay the bare minimum, don’t procrastinate and grab the bundle ASAP as the average will only keep rising.

The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle ends on October 4th.

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