Move over Angry Birds: Rovio’s Bad Piggies gets first gameplay trailer [Video]

Rovio has released the first gameplay trailer of Bad Piggies, their next mobile offering starring not those iconic birds, but the adorable love ’em or hate ’em pigs. As we all know, Angry Birds is all about destruction; Bad Piggies, however, requires players to build stuff. According to Yahoo Games!:

Bad Piggies takes a page from game maker Rovio’s other recent hit, Amazing Alex, by letting players build curious contraptions for the pigs as they set out to steal more of those delicious eggs. You’ll craft all sorts of shoddy vehicles, from rickety flying machines to creaky jalopies, and then steer your hunk of junk through winding courses as you try to “three-star” the levels.

Here’s a look at the gameplay trailer.

Just from the brief clip, I have to say that I’m even more excited to go hands-on with Piggies than when Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex were first announced. The game just looks zany enough to be fun and it’s probably time to give those slimy green pigs a shot at glory.

Bad Piggies will release on September 27 for iOS and Android devices, and expect it to invade Windows Phones and PCs as well in the near future. You can hit the official Bad Pigges site, along with the respective Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest info.

[Yahoo! Games via iMore]


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