Latest iPad Mini leak shows off tablet’s front and backside

Most would agree that the iPhone 5 was one of the worse kept secrets in the tech world. By the time it was unveiled in the media event on Sept. 12, those who followed the rumour mill closely weren’t all that surprised with the ‘5’ thanks to factory design and spec leaks. With the way things are going, the iPad Mini isn’t too far behind – at least in the leaks department. The latest Mini leaked images to appear on the web comes from Chinese site, which posted several shots of Apple’s long rumoured 7.85″ tablet.

BoLoPad’s iPad Mini capture looks nearly identical to these that popped up several days ago on, where there’re thinner bezels along its sides, an aluminum backplate, a rear-facing camera, the new 9-pin Lighting dock, and a mysterious hole located at the top of the smaller iPad’s backside (a good number of iPad Mini cases found on Alibaba also have this hole).

With regards to the screen, it’s hard to tell if it’s actually on, though chances are that it’s just a paper placeholder. For one, the screen looks kind of dull, like there’s no backlight being emanated. Then there are the icons – more specifically, the stock Google Maps and Youtube apps, which will no longer be included with iOS 6. Of course, it’s entirely possible that iOS 5 was installed in this demo/prototype, but without a hands-on video, it’s not possible to verify.

Speculation has the iPad Mini announcement set for October, with a possible release date in November. And an earlier rumour called for the Mini to feature an IGZO display and a launch price of $249-299 for an 8GB model.


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