Google Drive update adds document editing and more

When Google Drive first arrived on iOS, one of the chief complains with the app was that users could only access (in essence view) files stored in the cloud. But thanks to the 1.1 update, Drive is now even a little more tempting to use than Dropbox with its ability to create and edit Google docs and folders right from your iDevice. Editing functions include your basic font styles, size, color (font background color can also be changed), justification, bullet points and more.

From my brief time editing docs on my iPad, there is a noticeable delay between typing on the keyboard and the text appearing on screen. It’s not a huge delay by any means, though it’s fairly obvious. It’s pretty much what you’d experience when typing on other Google web apps, like Gmail on Safari.

Other notable new additions with the update include improved Google presentations (animations and speaker notes added), the ability to upload photos and videos from your camera/photo library and you can now delete and remove files from your Drive.

Below is a video introducing Google Drive on mobile devices. Do note that despite the video showing editing Google spreadsheets on the iPad, the update doesn’t actually allow you to do so through the app. This is currently only possible through a mobile browser. Google has stated:

“Google spreadsheets can currently be viewed and edited only through the mobile browser. We’re working on an iOS-native editor for Google spreadsheets”.

Google Drive is a free download on the App Store and is a universal app. If you don’t have a Drive account, you can get started here, where all new users get 5 GB free of storage space.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

– Edit Google documents with formatting and collaboration
– Edits to your Google documents appear to collaborators in seconds
– Richer Google presentations with animations and speaker notes
– Create a new folder or Google document
– Upload photos and videos from your device or a photo directly from your camera
– Move an item to a folder in your Drive
– Delete and remove files from your Drive
– Drive is now available in over 30 languages

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