Tap The Frog 2 – Kiss It, But Don’t Expect A Prince

In my humble opinion, if ever there was a style of game that shouldn’t be so fun or addictive, it would be the mini-game collection.  After all, doesn’t such a design simply mean that the developers couldn’t come up with enough material for a full fledged game?  Well, okay, I am being a bit harsh, and I really don’t believe that, but it still amazes me that I fall so easily for this type of gameplay.  The latest captor of my time is Tap The Frog 2, and this game is insanely addictive – even though concept wise it’s so simple a little kid could grasp it with ease.  I just wish I had the native iPad version, because I find that my overcompensated fingers like the big screen better.  Thankfully, the app is remarkably playable on 2x mode on my iPad 2.

As you might have surmised, this game is all about the mini-game.  There are even some games where you tap frogs, though not all of them are that way.  Your tasks will range from the “simple” feat of popping every frog that appears on screen to more complex fare like guiding a frog on a skateboard through cone infested streets and my personal tormentor, the game where you have to guide a frog across objects using single and double jumps.  My problem is that I single when I should double and double when I should single, and as soon as I make one mistake the errors keep on flowing.  That’s the psyche of this game – the individual events are so basic in nature that you get frustrated when you goof up and it carries with you to the end of the round.

If you do manage to keep your cool and figure out the nuances of each mini-game, there are plenty of rewards to be had.  You can earn up to five stars for each game, and you’ll want to get these wherever you can because you’ll need them in order to unlock subsequent games.  Additionally, each game has four achievements you can earn, and while about half of them are “gimmies” like just popping a certain number of frogs over the entire course of playing a specific game, others will require the utmost concentration and skill as they push you beyond what’s even needed to earn 5 stars in a level.  There are even two levels that are for two players, and while they don’t count towards stars or have associated achievements, you can use them to beat up on your friends face to face.  Of course if you’d rather do this somewhat anonymously then you just need to score really high to make it to the top of the individual leaderboards each mini-game has.

Everything is tap-based, making the control scheme dead simple.  Coordinating your taps with the action isn’t such a piece of cake, however, but that’s more an issue with you than with the game.  I will say that on the popping games I find myself often tripping over my own fingers (you can use multiple fingers where appropriate to get things done faster), and for the most part I find it easier to play those games on the 2x screen option on my iPad.  There is a native iPad version, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

The visuals are cute and definitely feel geared towards kids.  Fortunately I like cute graphics, and despite the younger orientation they are still nicely drawn and the frog is well animated.  The sound effects vary by game and serve their purpose without getting annoying, but nothing jumps out as being particularly special either.  The music is okay, but there’s only one theme that sounds like it came from a cheesy action flick.  It does tend to get repetitive quickly if you sit and listen to it for any length of time as well.

There’s no plot, no uniting thread behind the mini-games and no real driving force to complete an overall goal.  This is just a set of diversions meant to keep you entertained and challenge your sense of what is “easy” when it comes to game play, and it does that exceptionally well.  I challenge you to pick this game up and not find yourself in that “one more time” mentality with at least half of the games in the collection.  There are a couple that have me about ready to pull my hair out, but for the most part I can easily see myself going back to any one of the offerings in this group again and again.

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: Tap The Frog 2 Developer: Playmous
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size:
  • Several fun mini-game selections
  • Simple control scheme
  • Cute visuals
  • Plenty of goals to strive for
  • Some games get a bit cramped on iPod Touch screen
  • Music is repetitive


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