Kodiak PHP lets you Run PHP code offline on your iPad

For all the (web) developers out there, one of the most appealing aspects of coding on the iPad is that they can easily take their work with them anywhere. While there are a handful of programming editors on the App Store, none – at least when it comes to PHP – allow offline PHP execution. Thanks to the Kodiak dev team however, that’s no longer the case with the release of Kodiak PHP, the first iOS app that can run your precious code without an internet connection.

Besides having the distinction as the first app that lets users natively run their code, Kodiak PHP features syntax highlighting that is easy on the eyes, a more than capable on-screen keyboard (swipe gestures via the handy navigation key), a file manager and support for multiple tabs. Currently, PHP is the only language supported, though expect more to be added in the future, like C, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby and others. An iPhone version is even in the works, so soon you can write and execute code on all iDevices.

Unfortunately, the one thing currently missing is the ability to remotely access your files via FTP, Webdav etc., which would have been huge from a development standpoint. We were told by Adam Horacek of Kodiak that this feature was actually part of the app that was initially submitted to Apple, but it was sadly rejected. The reason? Apple doesn’t allow apps which can execute code to also download any code. Hopefully, the solution they’re working on at the moment will pass Apple’s stringent approval process and allow for FTP in the near future.

If you do plenty of coding in PHP or are even just starting to learn the language, Kodiak PHP is definitely worth a closer look. It’s also currently priced at $4.99, though this will shortly go back to its regular price of $9.99.

Kodiak PHP Adam Horacek, Kodiak PHP – $4.99

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