iPhone 5 poses next to iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G

New photos of the iPhone 5 were published today by Nowhereelse.fr and in them, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 are shown side-by-side. The upcoming iPhone is noticeably slimmer and taller, while maintaining its width (at least from the 4/4s). The two-toned design is consistent with what we’ve seen previously, though these images don’t provide a view of the phone’s bottom, where all signs are pointing to a newly positioned earphone jack, a smaller dock connector and redesigned speaker grill. It’s certainly interesting to see how the iPhone has evolved over the past several generations, not to mention that for the very first time, it has made the leap to a 4″ display (from 3.5 inches). Check out the rest of the comparison shots after the break.



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