Buzz Contact receives 2.0 update

savvy apps, the developers behind one of my favorite calendar apps (Agenda), has updated their handy contacts manager – Buzz Contacts – to version 2.0. Infinitely more versatile and useful than the stock, Buzz lets users quickly access their favorite contacts and perform specific actions, such making a call or Facetime and sending messages or emails (use default messages or create new ones). The update includes theme support, swiping into/out of dialer – a big plus, the all new Frequent and Outgoing groups, the ability to schedule an appointment with a particular person in either Agenda Calendar or Due, and much more.

One of my favorite features with Buzz Contact is when in group view (as seen above with four contact squares), a single tap will perform that particular icon action (call, email, facetime etc), while a double tap will bring up a menu of what you’d like to do with that person. This includes the newly added support for setting a contact reminder in Agenda or Due. As for theme support, you can easily switch between them by simply swiping left/right on the title bar (or in settings). Moreover, a different theme can be set for each main screen, such as Groups, Dialer and Frequent.

Buzz Contact is a free update for existing users, though if you’re a new user, the app is currently on sale now for $0.99. As a contacts manager, Buzz works well and I’d recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re tired of the regular ol’ phone app and want to be able to do more with less taps.

Buzz Contacts savvy apps, Buzz Contacts – $0.99

What’s New in Version 2.0

Buzz v2.0 is a major release and *almost* feels like a brand new app. It’s shinier (themes and new icon!), faster (swipe into Dialer!), and more useful (integrates w/Agenda!). Best of all…it’s a free update. Now is the time to give Buzz a second look…enjoy! :)

+ Icon has more polish to reflect the major update
+ Themes support; swipe right or left on the title bar
+ Themes can also be updated in the settings
+ Schedule in Agenda or Due via the contact detail view
+ Send contact info via message or email via the contact detail view
+ Swipe into and out of Dialer
+ Added “Frequent” and “Outgiong” groups

+ Always show specific phone type in groups
+ Open slide-out via gesture
+ Dialer keypad now focuses on letters
+ Reworked slide-out menu to better highlight active view
+ Add contact to a group from the Dialer
+ Detail disclosure button on all list views

+ No longer truncate numbers in the Dialer
+ Improved localizations


+ Dial by initials, name, or number
+ Speed dial for calls, SMS, email, or FaceTime
+ Schedule calls, emails, etc. in Agenda or Due
+ Send contact info via email or message
+ In app messaging and emails
+ Quickly create groups w/Address Book contacts
+ Themes available for each group
+ Group actions to send a message or email
+ Sort group emails using To, Cc, and Bcc
+ Use “status taps” to send frequent phrases
+ Email photos w/the Camera Roll or Camera+
+ Email files w/Dropbox or Box
+ Call with Skype, Google Voice, or Line2
+ Access and edit all contacts
+ Easy access to frequent & outgoing history*

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