10 New App Store Games To Watch [August 20 – 26]


My most eagerly anticipated game this week was One Tap Hero.  I got to play this one a while back, and since then have been reall anxious to see it officially released on the App Store.  The title that has really captured my time from this group, however, is The Lord Of The Roads.  This RPG / scrolling shooter hybrid is unique and addictive as anything I’ve played in a while.  And the game in this list that I haven’t had the chance to try yet but am most looking forward to is Olly Low Poly And The Zombie Tower.  Besides the odd yet amusing name, it looks fashionably different and of course I love me some zombie slaying or dodging or whatever it is you ultimately do with them in this game.

King’s Bounty: Legions – If King’s Bounty sounds at all familiar, it’s probably because it was a PC game created in 1990 that is considered the forerunner of the amazing Heroes Of Might And Magic series.  Nival, on the other hand, is responsible for the fifth installment of the Heroes franchise.  Given the pedigree I have high hopes for this iteration.  The iTunes description isn’t very forthcoming, but based on the screen shots it looks like the same hex based combat system that has been the series’ mainstay has returned.  It does mention that you’ll get to travel to various locations in order to complete quests and gain experience.  You’ll also have the chance to discover, recruit and buy mystical creatures to fight in your army.  The game does require an internet connection to play, though I’d imagine there is plenty of solo player exploration for those of you worried that it’s an MMORPG.  There are PvP options, however, and a Facebook version should provide some extra competition.  From the iOS perspective it’s currently only available for the iPad.

King's Bounty: Legions NIVAL, King’s Bounty: Legions – Free

KooZac – I’ve always been interested in the exploits of Square Enix, but my feelings have been pretty mixed towards their iOS offerings.  Interestingly enough, their non-RPG offerings have caught my attention more than anything, and KooZac is no exception.  This puzzle game sounds like it might be slightly educational as well, and that’s both impressive and different coming from this developer.  It seems your goal is to arrange falling blocks to create groups that add up to a target number specified on the screen.  There is a 60 level puzzle mode, an endless mode where you can try to rack up the best score in the world, and Blitz mode where you can compete against your friends in a 60 second challenge.  It mentions playing Blitz mode with Facebook players, though hopefully you can play against other iOS users as well.  Playing against others can earn you coins that you can spend on boosts to make your scores even better.  Between this and SolaRola, Square Enix looks to be headed in an interesting direction that I’m excited to follow.

KooZac™ SQUARE ENIX, KooZac™ – $0.99

Extortion HD – How many of you have played Monopoly with the sole intent of trying to rake the other players over the coals?  Reapptions realized certain people like to play a bit more viciously and has created a real estate game to satiate such needs.  Extortion HD is all about taking everyone for everything they’ve got.  Build shops in prime locations and then force insane price multipliers to bring in the cash.  Once the competition shows up drop your prices so low that you run them out of business, and maybe even pick up a subsidiary or two in the process!  There are 4 different game play modes for different levels of immersion.  Quick Domination only requires you to own 25% of the storefront property to win, whereas Domination demands an impressive 75% ownership.  Company King and Multi-Millionaire focus more on the financial aspect of it.  Play for 10 minutes or several hours depending on game mode, but no matter which you choose prepare to get addicted.

Extortion HD Reapptions, Extortion HD – $1.99

Olly Low Poly And The Zombie Tower – This game looks quite different, and I mean that in a good way.  The visuals can best be described as a pixilated Tim Burton style, though I don’t recall seeing ice cream cones with trunks in any of his works.  The main story mode is comprised of 50 levels and 5 bosses and is designed to remind older gamers why they got into the hobby in the first place – it’s a challenging run that will leave you feeling rewarded in the end.  If you want something a little less static you can try Endless Tower mode, which as you might suspect is a randomly generated romp through a tower.  You do get to choose the world, size of the tower and how difficult you want it to be.  Finally, when you’re tired of traipsing over floor after floor of tower you can relax with 5 different mini-games.  Olly is universal, though there is no mention of iCloud to transport your saved game between devices.  If it’s not currently available hopefully we’ll see such a feature soon.

Olly Low Poly And The Zombie Tower Vladimir Tomin, Olly Low Poly And The Zombie Tower – $0.99

Toybox – It continues to amaze me what developers will dream up when it comes to mashing match 3 mechanics with other genres.  This time around they’ve added in a scrolling shooter.  Better yet, you get to play them both at the same time!  Start flexing those thumb muscles, as you’ll use one to guide your spacecraft on the left side of the screen and the other to slide the current block to the column where you want it to fall on the right half of the playing field.  Power ups are earned by making matches, but if you really want to keep the game going you’ll need to become proficient at causing chain reactions, because that’s the only way to get an extra life.  You get a new level to play every week, though at this point it doesn’t appear that you can go back and play levels from previous weeks.  The graphics have a nice retro style, and the music is composed based on your actions.  Hopefully there’s a universal update in this game’s future, as I think this would be a blast on the bigger screen (though it is still enjoyable on my iPod Touch).

Toybox Barrel of Donkeys, Toybox – $0.99

The Lord Of The Roads – If you’ve tried Finger Shot RPG you’ll know that Magic Cube has a desire to create different RPG experiences, and they’ve done it again with The Lord Of The Roads.  It definitely has rouge-like RPG elements with character classes, upgrading and gathering lots of loot.  The game actually controls like a scrolling shooter, however, as you simply tilt back and forth to move and let the game automatically attack for you.  You start off with one character, and as you free others from traps, if they are classes that you’ve unlocked they will join your party.  Ultimately you just want to get as far as you can on each run, but there are objectives that you can try to accomplish as well.  The artwork is bright and colorful and falls in line with the rest of Magic Cube’s offerings, which means it’s pretty good.  The game is universal so you can play on whatever device you have available, and it’s a refreshing change of pace for those that might like a less demanding RPG experience.

The Lord of the Roads Magic Cube, The Lord of the Roads – $0.99

Doomsday Express HD – You’ve seen all of those high speed action movies that focus on trains and now is your chance to be in one.  This is a tower defense game where you construct a train and arm it to the hilt with cool and destructive gadgets.  Then you ride the rails and hope that you’ve armed yourself well enough to take on all comers.  You’ll fight wave after wave of enemies, including some boss trains that are bigger and tougher than you might imagine.  When the going gets tough you can call in reinforcements including bombers and attack drones.  Test your mettle with several challenging campaign levels, or go for it all in Doomsday mode, where it’s not a question of if you’ll perish, but how many enemies you take down before you do.  The game is universal and supports Game Center and Facebook for all your bragging needs.  Now it just needs a multi-player mode so you can take on trains around the world.

Doomsday Express HD Warp Dreams Digital, Doomsday Express HD – $1.99

Vote!!! – I don’t normally download political applications, but I was curious to see what came out of the minds of the developers that have created one of the most acclaimed RPG series on iOS devices.  If you’ve ever wondered what a presidential debate with Infinity Blade style “rebuttals” might look like, now’s your chance to find out.  Whether you’re an Obama or Romney fan, or even if you’re neither, there’s something oddly satisfying about watching them beat the issues out of each other on the White House lawn with microphones in their hands.  Unlock crazy outfits and wacky add-ons, arm yourself with the constitution or a rubber chicken, and get ready to exercise whatever rights might possibly be applicable to this situation.  The graphics are great, the comments are amusing, and it actually runs on my iPod Touch 4, which I’m pretty sure most of the Infinity Blade titles won’t.

VOTE!!! Chair Entertainment Group, VOTE!!! – Free

Zookeeper Battle – If you’ve played a match 3 game in your life you know how this one goes.  You get 3 or more of a particular animal in a row to make a match.  Create chains to score big points, and tap on bonus tiles to get whatever power up they hold.  The difference here is that this is not a solo affair.  In fact, it appears that except for the tutorial you can’t just play against the computer in this game.  That’s right, you need to take your zoo managing skills on the internet to face real live opponents.  Some animals give you attack points and others offer defense, but in the end you must drain your opponent’s life before they do the same to you.  Fight against strangers or invite your friends, but be ready for some human competition.  This is my kind of online game too, because you don’t actually have to chat with the other players.  Zookeeper Battle is universal and it’s free, though if you want to play more than once or twice every few minutes you might need to dump some IAP into it.


One Tap Hero – This is one of those games that I got to beta test and fell in love with from the moment I first played it.  I’m always amazed at how someone can come up with so many interesting and challenging concepts when all you have is a single tap at your disposal.  You’ll have to flip levers, avoid obstacles and do all the things you would in any normal platform game, but you’re character’s always running and every action is simply a matter of tapping the right spot at the right time.  Each level has three stars for you to collect, and each world has 5 keys that unlock bonus levels.  You can also gather coins so that you can purchase silly outfits to wear.  With bright, cartoon like graphics and bouncy music the kids will be mesmerized, but thoughtful, challenging levels should keep adults busy as well.

One Tap Hero™ Chillingo Ltd, One Tap Hero™ – $0.99

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store. As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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