One Epic Knight in Review – All We Need Is A Holy Grail…

Okay, you’re probably getting sick of reading about infinite running games right now.  Unfortunately, they are sort of my genre-level addiction at the moment, so you’ll just have to bear with me until the phase passes on.  At least I’m just trying to share with you the quality titles, and there’s no question that One Epic Knight falls under that category.  Brought to us by the folks that designed the creative tower defense game Tiny Heroes the twisted humor of the developers carries on to this offshoot title.  From the opening calisthenics to the nice dent you leave when you collide with a wall, One Epic Knight is all about being epic… epically funny that is.

You play one of the few knights that must have escaped their duties from the raids in Tiny Heroes, because here you are traipsing through a seemingly endless dungeon collecting loot and warding off nasty things that would try and prevent you from gathering said loot.  In typical 3D infinite runner fashion you’ll swipe to jump, slide and turn corners.  The one thing I’m not so keen on is that you swipe to move left and right as well.  It never seems to have a problem distinguishing between swipes to turn or simply “change lanes”, but sometimes it’s hard to get two swipes in to move all the way over and avoid a trap.  Other than that, everything is simply handled by merit of you running into things.

You collect money that’s lying on the ground or in treasure chests to pay for power ups, and you also earn gold by slaying monsters.  There are shields that allow you to pass through a single obstacle or monster, and weapons that can slay monsters (but don’t try and disarm a trap with such weapons, because you should always use the proper tool for a job!)  Items are cumulative, so if you collect two swords before using them you’ll get two swipes before it’s gone.  You can also get power ups to add life to your armaments, as well as buy single use potions that do a variety of things.  If you’re real ambitious (or you want to spend money for IAP) you can even get enough gold to buy a few different costumes to wear.

My favorite power up is the leg of meat which puts you in rage mode, where for a short time you’re invincible, provided you don’t fall down a shaft or something.  The best part of rage mode is that the knight slowly eats away at the meat, even going so far as to throw the bone away when he’s done.  I love the attention to detail in this game.  There are many feats (ie: Game Center achievements) to accomplish, and you’ll earn some extra loot each time you conquer one.  There are also 12 rare artifacts to complete, though I’m not sure those do anything for you other than fill up some slots in your trophy window.  Still, it gives you something else to strive for.

The graphics are great.  Unfortunately I’ve only seen three different monsters so far, but they are all well designed and animated, as is the knight.  The backgrounds look great too, and while it’s all dungeon-y in appearance (you are in an infinite dungeon, after all), they do change up the textures from time to time.  The sound effects really enhance the overall experience.  I love the squishing noises of the gelatinous cube, though my favorite noises are all the quips the knight makes.  They did a great job picking out the voice, because many of them wouldn’t be nearly as funny if, say, I said them for example.  The music isn’t anything exciting, but the fact that it’s there and doesn’t get on my nerves is fine with me.

Yeah, in the end One Epic Knight is yet another running game.  Honestly, I’m not even sure it brings anything completely new to the table, though having you build up multipliers by disarming traps and defeating foes is neat.  What sets this game apart is the atmosphere, and the game just oozes with it.  I still chuckle at some of the phrases the knight utters even though I’ve heard them over and over.  Fans of the genre will find the game a welcome addition, and newcomers will get sucked in with the great visuals and humor.  Either way you can’t go wrong with One Epic Knight.

App Summary
Title: One Epic KnightDeveloper: Simutronics Corp
Reviewed Ver:Min OS Req:4.2
Price:FreeApp Size:
  • Great, cheesy humor
  • Excellent visuals
  • Good sound effects
  • Plenty of achievements
  • Would rather tilt than swipe to move left and right


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