Download this freebie now: iBlast Moki 2 HD

Godzilab’s smashing physics puzzler iBlast Moki 2 HD (here’s our review for the original iBlast Moki) isn’t just nearing its one year anniversary on the App Store, it’s also gone free for the very first time. Previously at $4.99, this unique and visually vibrant adventure has you trying to find ways to move the Mokis from point A to B (aka the “magical spiral”), all with the aid of paint bombs and other contraptions like ropes, rising balloons and rotating wheels. And once you’ve passed all 90 levels across 6 different worlds, an advanced physics editor awaits (the same tool used to create entire game), where you can design your own levels and share them online. A recent update has also added support for iPad 3’s retina display. Needless to say, if you enjoy a great puzzle game, this right here is a must-have app.

iBlast Moki 2 HD Godzilab, iBlast Moki 2 HD – Free

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