Humble Bundle for Android 3: Pay what you want for several awesome games (Fieldrunners included)

The Humble Bundle for Android is back. In this third instalment, you once again get to pay what you want for 4 highly rated Android games: Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP.BEAT, Uplink! and SpaceChem (an award winning design-based puzzler that’s also available on the iPad). Don’t have an Android phone or tablet? Not to worry, because all the titles are Cross Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and DRM Free. And if you pay more than the current average of $5.85, Spirits will also be unlocked. As with all Humble Bundles, the great thing is that you can choose where your money goes: to developers, charity or both. You have until Aug 29th to take advantage of the offer, so be sure make your way over to The Humble Bundle for Android 3 landing page for the complete details.

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