Mobiata releases FlightTrack Free for iPhone

If you’ve ever searched the App Store for travel related apps, it’s likely you’ve come across FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro, two of the consistently top selling iOS apps in the travel category. The pro version ($9.99) is jam packed with features like push notification for flight updates, weather forecast for both arrival and departure airports, and Terminal maps, but the casual (and budget minded) traveller may not require all the premium extras. For those looking for a no frills and free version that provides some basic flight look up functionality, Mobiata has released just that - FlightTrack Free.

 Features of FlightTrack Free include:

  • Completely redesigned interface that integrates the flight details and flight map
  • Real-time departure & arrival info, delays, gate numbers and baggage claim info
  • Zoomable maps with satellite imagery
  • Covers more than 16,000 airports worldwide
  • Full international flight coverage with 1,400 airlines
  • Search and track a single flight at a time

Also notable is that this version has been completely re-designed with a new and attractive UI, which integrates flight details with flight maps. No doubt there are other apps that provide real time departure/ arrival info and don’t cost a cent, but FlightTrack Free is right up there among the best looking freebies I’ve seen so far. Paired with Mobiata’s other free TripDeck – Travel Itinerary Manager app, your next work/personal trip should be well covered.

Here’s a chart showing the features offered between the different versions of FlightTrack.



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