Apple Store Genius rescues woman from kidnapper

Remember those Apple Genius Ads that aired a little over a week ago? Well it would appear that you can add “saving a kidnapped woman” to the list of things you can expect when visiting a Genius Bar. According to this report, a woman was held at gunpoint in her home this past Saturday and was forced to drive to several stores, where she purchased cell phones under her name and with her own money. During this shopping spree, the pair made their way to an Apple Store in Oxmoor Mall, Louisville, Kentucky, which would eventually be the final store visited and the end of the kidnapping thanks to an alert Apple Store employee. 

At some point during the visit, the woman found a window of opportunity and was able to discreetely tell the store clerk that she needed help. Police say the clerk then quietly called store security, who then contacted Louisville Metro Police. The woman was secured and police then apprehended Sarver.

“Greg”, the alleged kidnapper, turned out to be 32 year old Victor A. Sarver. The two had met several weeks earlier and it was during his visit to her home for the arranged date when he carried out his not-so-smart plan of acquiring new smartphones. When questioned by police, Sarver had changed his story multiple times on how he’d arrived at the Apple Store. With sworn statements taken from Apple Store employees, along with photos and text messages between the victim and perp, the Police arrested “Greg” and charged him with kidnapping and robbery.

Hearing this story is just another plus in my book for Apple Geniuses. I’d recently dropped my new iPad (the Smart Cover slipped off and I lost my grip) and the screen received several wicked scratches. After making a Geniur Bar reservation and explaining to the Geniur in person what had happened, I was quite surprised when he said “Not to worry. We’ll take care of this for you”. I was expecting to be told that I’d need to pony up $299 since I didn’t have an AppleCare+ warranty for accidental damage. Instead, within 15 minutes, I walked out of the store with a brand new iPad courtesy of Apple.

The whole kidnapping aside, Apple employees sure know how to take care of their customers.


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