iPhone 5 rumoured to have 8 pin connector, enhanced Bluetooth 4.0 linking feature in iOS 6

Several days ago, Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge dropped some details surrounding the release of the next gen iPhone and other iDevices. Today, their sources have revealed 2 more pieces of info regarding the smaller dock connector and the improved bluetooth functionality that’ll be found in iOS 6.

It had been rumoured that the smaller dock connector would either have 16 or 19 pins, though according to these very sources, the new connector will in fact only feature 8 pins – a significant drop from the 30 pins found in the current dock connectors. Moreover, they could potentially be connected like a MagSafe, where the male-end of the connector can be inserted in either orientation. If you’ve ever tried plugging in a USB cable to your iPhone/iPad (while in the dark) for an overnight charge, this could be huge (for me anyway).

The report also notes that one source claimed that Apple is working on implementing a Bluetooth 4.0 linking feature that could very well be a game changer, one that will act as a bridge between iDevices that support the 4.0 standard. Here’s what it could potentially do:

The feature would enable, say, a future iPod nano to display iMessages received by an iPhone, record voice memos that could be shared via the iPhone, and even initiate phone calls through its own headphones. It could also conceivably let you make iPhone calls from your iPad (or possibly even recent Macs), assuming the iPhone was paired with the computer over Bluetooth. The core concept here might sound familiar to fans of HP’s ill-fated TouchPad, but our source claims that it’ll be more broadly and deeply executed by Apple.

Of all the new iPhone rumours being bandied around the web, the iOS 6/Bluetooth 4.0 feature is one I’d love to see come to fruition. The possibilities of what this could mean is quite mind blowing really. The idea of being able to make/receive calls on your iPod Nano or iPad even if your iPhone is not within arms reach is certainly exciting.

As for Apple devices that support Bluetooth 4.0, they include all current 2012 Macbooks, the Mac Mini, the iPhone 4S and iPad 3.


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