SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPad now 50% off ($14.99)

SlingPlayer for iPhone and iPad, the mobile app that lets Slingbox users stream content directly from their TV/DVR to their iDevices (via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi), has dropped in price for the very first time – from $29.99 down to $14.99. Using the combination of both hardware and iOS app, you can watch your favorite shows no matter where you are, as if you were sitting right in your living room. The one big caveat is that SlingPlayer will only work with Sling Media’s newer models – the Slingbox SOLO and Slingbox PRO-HD. For those of you living in Canada or the US, there’s an upgrade program where you’ll get $50 off towards the purchase of either the SOLO or PRO. The final requirement is that your iPhone/iPod Touch needs to be running iOS 4.2.5 or higher, and on the iPad iOS 4.2+. Video of some of the app features after the gap.

SlingPlayer for iPhone Sling Media, SlingPlayer for iPhone – $14.99
SlingPlayer for iPad Sling Media, SlingPlayer for iPad – $14.99


Watch your home TV and DVR from anywhere on your iPad!

When connected over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi to a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD (Slingboxes sold separately), the award-winning SlingPlayer app will play anything you can watch on your TV at home on your iPad. Now you can change channels, control your DVR, and watch your favorite live and recorded shows right on your iPad.

If you are a DISH Network customer using a VIP 922 receiver or a Sling Adapter, please download the free DISH Remote Access app.

– iPad only (iOS 4.2+)


* SlingPlayer for iPad will not work with Slingboxes prior to SOLO and PRO-HD, as legacy Slingboxes do not have the hardware capability to stream at the iPad’s higher video resolution. If you own a prior-generation Slingbox, you may be eligible to receive an upgrade discount on a supported model. Please visit for more details.

View and control video sources such as:
– Cable set-top box and DVR
– Satellite set-top box and DVR
– Telco / IPTV set-top box and DVR
– Basic cable
– Digital Over-the-Air broadcasts (Slingbox PRO-HD only)
– Tivo
– Apple TV
– Home security cameras

Extend your living room TV experience to your iPad with a SlingPlayer app. If you like TV, it’s hard not to smile when you take control of your TV and DVR right from your iPad. Flip through your local channels with the virtual remote control. Pause, fast-forward, rewind, and even schedule DVR recordings. Watch video on demand and even pay-per-view programs. Never miss another show or game — whether you’re in the backyard, out to lunch, or on the other side of the world. It’s your TV. Don’t let it be trapped in your living room. Set it free!

To learn more about Slingbox, please visit

Note: While the SlingPlayer app is available for download in all countries, Slingbox hardware is required, and is only available for purchase from authorized resellers in the following countries: United States, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City. Hardware warranty and technical support is only provided in the country where the Slingbox purchase is made, and only if the purchase was from an authorized reseller. For more information, please refer to your locale’s Slingbox Warranty.

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