20+ Tripwolf travel guides currently free for iPhone ($5.99 ea)

Tripwolf, makers of the award winning travel apps for the iPhone, have dropped over 20 of their city guides to free over the past several days (previously $5.99 for each). The more notable cities include Barcelona, London, New York City and Paris. All tripwolf travel guides feature offline maps, travel tips from other travellers, an augmented reality mode, the ability to sort and filter attractions by distance, price, type etc, and an all new trip planner mode that helps you plan and organize upcoming trips via a drag and drop interface. Users even have the option of choosing whether to separately download offline maps, text and images for added flexibility. It’s not known how long these travel apps will stay free, so best grab them from the App Store ASAP, especially for those of you planning to visit London (and other cities in Europe) during the 2012 Olympics. Full list of links after the gap.

[Updated] Newly Added travel guides now free:

Tripwolf iOS City Guides currently free:

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