10 New App Store Games To Watch [July 2 – 8]

Christmas in July is over, but there were still some interesting games that made their way to the App Store this week.  As a fan of the undead I’m willing to give most zombie games a try, and while I’m not a huge word game fan I quite enjoyed the time I spent with ZombieWords so far.  It will definitely test your ability to spell words quickly, and proves that games don’t have to be action oriented to provide tense situations.  If you’re in the mood for something a bit zanier, why not give Chillingo’s Jar On A Bar a try?  The ability to flick pieces adds a whole new dimension to the game play, and the fish is really cute.  Finally, strategy buffs might appreciate the turn based mayhem of Outwitters.  If it’s got the same humor and ease of playability of its predecessor Tilt To Live then it should be an instant classic.

unFed unDead! – I’m always up for a good zombie blasting game, but sometimes it can be just as entertaining to take the other side of the battle.  You’ll take on the role of a bloodthirsty zombie, terrorizing everything from nerds to prison inmates to satiate your taste for brains.  If it’s mortal, then it’s dinner.  Unfortunately not everyone will take the attacks without putting up a fight, so you’ll need to dodge the aggressive level bosses while you take out the rest of the innocents.  You also have to be careful about eating too many brains too fast so you don’t get “brain drain”.  Play on your own or challenge up to three friends on the same device as you determine who can scavenge the most brains in the least amount of time.  Currently the game only supports Facebook integration, but hopefully other social networks will be added for things like achievements.  The developer is promising “fun updates” soon, so I’m anxious to see what this game has in store for us.

unFed unDead! iParty! Mobile, unFed unDead! – $0.99

Outwitters – From the minds that brought you Tilt to Live comes something completely different (for them, at least).  Outwitters is a turn based strategy game where you take on the leadership role of one of three clans and try to conquer the enemy’s base(s) before they conquer yours.  The game can be played hotseat with the same device or asynchronously via Game Center.  League matchmaking will help keep the playing field level as it pairs you with players of similar skills, and you can go solo against another player or join up with a friend to take on 2 others in co-op battle mode.  The game is universal, supports retina display for some crisp cartoon graphics, and is free so long as you stick with the Scallywags.

Outwitters One Man Left, Outwitters – Free

Amazing Brok – I thought the idea of pet rocks died out when I was a kid, but apparently they’ve come back in the electronic age with their own platform game.  Amazing Brok is the story of one such rock, who amazingly enough has the power to jump.  What’s cool about this game, however, is that everything else is controlled by an action button.  “So that’s new?” you say.  Well, it is when that action button controls everything at the same time.  Hitting the button reverses every conveyor belt, triggers each spring, and activates any other gadget simultaneously.  This makes it quite interesting when it comes to timing many intricate maneuvers.  The game is free with a sample of 10 levels, with an in app purchase to unlock more than 60 additional challenging levels.  I also like the fact that the samples are spread across multiple worlds so you can check out many of the different features.  I think there’s a lot of fun to be had here already, and it seems like it would be easy enough to generate additional level packs for in the future.

Amazing Brok Sketchy Ventures, Amazing Brok – Free

Cyklus – If you’re looking for a game that combines action and puzzle elements and is also quite challenging, Cyklus just might fit the bill for you.  Your task is to help guide three out of control spaceships through 100 perilous levels full of traps, enemies and obstacles.  The thing is, getting out is the “easy” part.  Doing it in such a way as to earn a respectable score, on the other hand, is a completely different story.  You will be ranked on the time it takes to complete the level, how much damage you sustain, and the actual percent of completion based on the crystals you collect.  If you just want to see all the levels, by all means simply head to the exit.  If you want to experience the game, try timing it just right so you fit through a narrow passage while the ship is rotating or keeping such tight control that you don’t bump into anything to cause yourself damage.  The free download gives you 20 levels to try out, while the in app purchase awards you with the current 100 levels plus any additional updates.  The graphics are pretty slick, the soundtrack is cool, and perfectionists will definitely get their money’s worth out of this game.

Cyklus Eastasiasoft, Cyklus – Free

Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition – While many might argue about what constitutes a “modern classic”, I’m sure most seasoned gamers could agree on the few games that have ultimately withstood the test of time.  Thanks in no part to the clever Seinfeld skit, Frogger should definitely be on that list.  Frogger is actually no stranger to the iOS world with at least three titles to its credit, but this one in particular is designed to coincide with the amphibian’s 30th anniversary.  As such you can expect lots of good old fashioned game play, but with a dose of “have something new” thrown in for good measure.  In addition to the standard arcade action that we know and love there are several new game play modes, including Battle Royale and Freak Out.  You can play with a classic arcade look or select some stunning HD visuals.  And you’ll definitely want to check out the Konami inspired levels from games such as Castlevania and Contra.

Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition Konami, Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition – $0.99

Jar On A Bar – You’ve played this game before.  You know, it’s the one where you have to get an object to the ground by removing all the stuff underneath it.  Once again Chillingo proves that an old concept can still be fun given the right atmosphere, and Jar On A Bar has plenty of that.  Your job is to help a poor little fish get back into the water, and to do that you’ll have to remove all the boards between the jar and the ocean.  The thing is, instead of just tapping the bars away like you do in most games of this nature in Bar On A Jar you actually flick them out of the way.  Physics still apply, of course, and it only takes a bit too much ambition to get results other that what you desired.  You also have the task of keeping the water in the jar until the very end, because that determines how many stars you get on a given level.  Earn shells to buy power ups, and if you’re impatient visit the store to supplement your stash.  The graphics are enough to keep the kids (or kids at heart) entertained, while the challenge is certain to leave the adults intrigued as well.

Jar on a Bar Chillingo, Jar on a Bar – $0.99

Billy The Painter – This is such a simple game in premise yet it’s almost genius.  It plays on the old “fill the board” concept first introduced in the days of the game Qix, but it takes an entirely different approach to how you fill the board.  Instead of dividing the playing field up into smaller and smaller chunks until you’ve reached a percentage full, in Billy The Painter you must fill the areas from the inside out in a circular spread pattern.  In other words, you’ll start a spot of paint and watch the circle grow bigger and bigger until it hits a boundary, at which point the level is over.  You can start multiple circles one right after the other, and must “paint” a certain percentage of the floor before hitting a boundary.  It sounds quite simple, and while you can pass to the next level without reaching the approved percentage for the previous one, you’ll lose a life in the process.  The graphics are simple but elegant, the player piano style music somehow suits the game perfectly, and what appears to be randomly generated levels make for infinite replay capabilities.

Billy the Painter Lipasto Games, Billy the Painter – Free
Billy the Painter HD Lipasto Games, Billy the Painter HD – $1.99

TheEndApp – Infinite running games are becoming as much “a dime a dozen” as anything else on the App Store these days, even ones that play like Temple Run.  Still, if one manages to catch my interest I’m more than happy to give it a try, and TheEndApp has done just that.  As you may have guessed by the title, this game is about the end of the world.  Given that fact, it’s actually quite amusing that you’re running around with a backpack most likely full of supplies and that you are collecting duct tape.  After all, why would you need any of that if the world’s over?  Then there’s the matter of vibrant backgrounds, which you don’t often see with such a bleak theme.  The whole game just takes a different approach to the “end of the world” subject, and it’s kind of refreshing.  I also like the feeling of “levels” that the ramps give, and the fact that some objects can either be hurdled or slid under, depending on what part of the object you tackle.  I’m not sure the game really offers anything new to the genre, but from the time I’ve spent with it I’d say it will definitely give Zombie Run HD (TMA Review) a run for its usage on my device.

TheEndApp Goroid, TheEndApp – Free

ZombieWords – I’ve finally figured out what situation causes me to tense up the most in a zombie game.  All you have to do is make me spell words before the hero I control will fire his weapon.  That’s the premise behind ZombieWords, where your grasp of the English language is much more important than any strategic acumen you might have.  You’re on the left, the undead are coming from the right, and the only thing stopping your brain from becoming the special of the day is your ability to churn out distinct vocabulary before the zombies shamble across the screen.  Add to that the increasingly frantic heartbeat as you’re fading away (maybe in real life too, but I’m referring to the game here) and this can get quite nerve wracking at times.  Thankfully it’s also a blast, and the game has a great sense of humor to boot.  You can even play multi-player through Game Center.  You get five levels free to test it out, and if you love zombie games I think you’ll be hooked before then.

ZombieWords Monkey Prism, ZombieWords – Free

Apptivity WWE Rumblers – Have you ever thought that just owning your very own statue of John Cena wasn’t quite enough?  Now you can actually make a game out of your action figure collection with this new iPad app from Mattel.  Place your figures on your iPad screen, and special contact points let the game know that you’re ready to rumble.  You’ll be able to train your very own wrestling superstar and pretend you had something to do with the successful career they already have.  Thanks to the interaction between machine and toy you’ll have access to all of your favorite wrestler’s signature moves, and you’ll even be able to upgrade those abilities as you play through his career.  Interestingly enough, though, you can still play through training and exhibition modes without a figure, just don’t expect to be building a career as “finger man”.  The game works with any iPad, but you must have iOS 4.3 or greater installed and have a Game Center account.

Apptivityâ„¢ WWE Rumblers® Mattel, Apptivityâ„¢ WWE Rumblers® – Free

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store. As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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