Rumour: iPad Mini to feature IGZO display and $250 price tag

The possible release of the iPad mini is one of those rumours that just won’t go away. The latest such rumblings come from Chinese tech site MyDrivers, where ‘anonymous sources’ claim that the 7.85 inch iPad mini will feature Sharp’s IGZO display and retail for under $300. As Wired points out, IGZO is a new and improved manufacturing process that makes displays “thinner, higher in contrast, and less power-hungry than current display technology”. It is worth noting that this technology was rumoured to replace the IPS screens on the new iPad, but this turned out to be false. The report also says that the smaller iPad will be as thin as the iPad 2, have a resolution of 330 pixels per inch and 8GB capacity, which will go for between $250-299. There is no mention of release dates, though a previous report from net portal NetEase claimed that the iPad mini will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2012. With the recent release of the Google Nexus 7 (among a bevy of other 7″ android tablets), it’s not surprising that Apple reportedly have plans to introduce a more cost effective and portable iPad.

  • Good God, who knows. I’d be happy with a smaller iPad as a reader, but otherwise see no point. And on Japanese trains, even a seven incher gets in the way (TWSS).

  • Ceejames

    8gb is a deal breaker, have 64gb and nearly full heavy app/document/media user. Wish apple would just break down and include a memory slot – trans-flash maybe. But would absolutely love the form factor, biggest gripe with iPad2 is too big to be an all the time carry around. Friend with Kindle Fire has if nothing else created size envy. Big enough to be useful (especially for documents and media), small enough to carry everywhere, might even bring back modified fanny packs…lol.

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