10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 25 – July 1]

This week felt like the proverbial Christmas in July when it came to new games for iOS devices.  In addition to the fine list I’ve compiled below, gamers were treated to a quirky tower defense game called Vampire Season.  You are Dracula’s right hand man, and you must use a crazy assortment of ghouls and what-not to keep those pesky humans from finding Dracula’s coffin.  If you’re more into RPGs, Squids Wild West might float your boat.  This sequel to last year’s acclaimed aquatic tactics game (TMA Review) takes a whole new look at the concept of cowboys.  For those that want something completely different in tone there’s Frisbee Forever 2, the game that lets you show off your virtual disc throwing skillz.  It’s free and looks to be sporting some pretty sharp graphics for a game about tossing a plastic object through the air.

Dead Trigger – This is one I have been waiting for, and I’m really hoping I’m not going to be disappointed.  It comes from the folks that produced one of my favorite iOS FPS games, SHADOWGUN (TMA Review), and it involves mowing down hordes of zombies.  I’m pretty sure that’s a formula for success.  The story is cliché, but I’m not sure I really care.  Dead Trigger boasts more than 40 hours of game play, and when you’re done with the story you can take on unlimited random missions.  You’ll need to scavenge for necessary supplies, save others that have survived and protect your base of operations.  Shoot zombies in the head to end it quickly or chop off their limbs so they suffer a slow, painful death.  As you progress through the game the zombies will get smarter, so you’ll always need to be on your guard.  Highly detailed 3D characters and landscapes bring the action to life, but rumor has it that the game will still run smoothly on an iPod Touch 4, which a lot of 2D games struggle to do.  The game is universal and ready to test your trigger finger.


Team Smash – This is one of those games that sound just wacky enough to be loads of fun.  It has an extremely retro look, and eludes you into thinking it might be like one of those old fashioned LED football games.  Well, it is… kind of.  Instead of footballs, however, you have bombs that are itching to explode.  Carry them down to your opponents’ end zone before they go off to score a point.  Make sure you’re not cradling one of these explosive devices in your arms when they go off, though.  This is an online only offering, so be sure you have a good internet connection while playing.  It’s integrated with Game Center but uses its own server for keeping track of everyone.  When you join a game you’ll be assigned a team based on availability, and new games will be created as necessary to keep everyone happy and playing.  It would be nice to see the ability to set up your own private games, but maybe that will come in a future update.

Team Smash Boris Kalinin, Team Smash – Free

Wheels of Glory – My overall goal with this roundup is to provide you with details on interesting looking games, but occasionally I like to point out games that set out to make a difference as well.  In this case, Wheels of Glory is designed to help make people aware of the extra stamina required for Paralympians to play sports.  The game is based off of wheelchair basketball and requires you to collect gems to boost factors like excellence and determination while avoiding basketballs and opponents.  Wheels is inspired by the story of Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and is part of a program called Accentuate, a series of 15 projects whose combined goal is to showcase the talents of deaf and disabled people.  The game itself is free, so I encourage you to download it and then check out information related to the subjects the game highlights.

Wheels of Glory Tom Scutt, Wheels of Glory – Free

Cthulu Saves The World – The only thing better than a solid retro RPG is a solid retro RPG that parodies the whole genre.  Welcome to Cthulu Saves The World, the story of a creature that must become a hero in order to destroy the world.  XBLA and Steam subscribers already love it, and now iOS gamers can experience all the insanity dealing pleasure of the squid faced being.  The main quest is 6 to 10 hours, but unlockable game modes and difficulty settings help boost the replay value.  Play Highlander mode where you can only take one teammate to battle at a time, or Overkill mode that lets you jump to level 40 in a single battle.  If you’re ready to see what it’s like to be a villain gone good to ultimately be bad again, Cthulu Saves The World is just the twisted game for you.

Cthulhu Saves the World TinkerHouse Games, Cthulhu Saves the World – $1.99

Crust – This is being touted as the modern evolution of the cave flyer game, but I don’t see it based off of the screen shots.  However, I do like the thought of blowing things up, and you’ll get the chance to do that in the single player campaign.  More impressive, however, is the multi-player facilities.  Take on up to 7 friends or unknowns in “every man for himself” deathmatch, team deathmatch or bombing run modes.  If you don’t have an internet connection, do not fear because you and a friend can engage in some high octane split screen action.  Take on the single player campaign co-operatively or blast each other to smithereens.  There are plenty of weapons to unlock, you can earn achievements via OpenFeint, and the environments are destructible.  Sounds like a pretty good combination to me.

Crust Nordic Mobile Labs, Crust – $2.99

Axl: Full Boost – An over the shoulder racer can be really slick when done right, and there’s no question that the futuristic angle can make for interesting looking tracks and vehicles.  Full Boost looks to have these qualities in spades as you race across 16 tracks in seven different locations for a total of 71 races through career mode.  You can also participate in free run and custom race modes once you’ve completed the career path to keep the excitement going.  There are 12 different vehicles to choose from, each with the ability to transform in order to boost.  The twist is that in order to boost you need to collect orbs.  These orbs are released when you boost, and your opponents are perfectly free to pick them up and recycle them.  You could potentially boost the competition to victory!  Unfortunately at the moment the game is iPhone only and there is no mention of multi-player, but hopefully one or both of those will be coming soon.

AXL: Full Boost Palzoun & SpinVector, AXL: Full Boost – $2.99

Dynamite Jack – I’ve read some pretty good things about this title already.  You play a space marine that must escape from the Anathema Mines, and all you have is your trusty flashlight, a never ending supply of bombs, and hopefully some wits to use them both.  The key to this game is stealth, so while you’ll be able to blow things up you must do it wisely, because anything out of the ordinary will attract the attention of the guards.  You’ll also need to be careful when using your flashlight for the same reason.  And, should you accidentally fall into the beam of the enemy’s flashlight, be prepared to be pumped full of lead.  There are 28 levels standard with the game, and a map editor lets you create your own which you can then share with the community.  Each level has its own leaderboard, including all the custom levels!  Game Center achievements sweeten the pot, and if you’re lucky enough to have one the game supports the iCADE device as well.

Dynamite Jack Hassey Enterprises, Dynamite Jack – $2.99

Zombie HQ – What do you get when you combine The Sims with the undead?  Well, probably not Zombie HQ, but I’ll take my bets and give this one a shot.  You know the drill – take out the walking infestation, rescue the hostages, and generally try to survive.  Comb every inch of the streets to find better guns or anything you can use to kill the zombies.  There are plenty of missions to choose from, and you can even schedule special missions to get extra rewards.  When the day is done, it’s time to retreat to your HQ and reap the rewards of surviving another day.  You can load up your (wo)man-cave with pool tables, arcade games, hot tubs and more.  And don’t forget the guided missile system!  I’m not going to try and tell you that there aren’t a lot of games like this to choose from already, but my philosophy is that if it’s done well, there’s always room for one more zombie blasting game in my collection.  From the sounds of it, Zombie HQ is probably done pretty well.

Zombie HQ Fuse Powered Inc., Zombie HQ – Free

GibsNGlory – I’ll lay it out for you now – I’m not a fan of the Trenches / Stenches series of defense games.  However, the vague iTunes game play description for GibsNGlory intrigued me enough that I decided to buy the game and check it out.  It turns out that the game is actually rather interesting, and I’m pretty sure the first one that can be described as “pluck and chuck”.  You once again take on the role of the zombie army, trying to stop the British military advances.  In this case, however, you control a giant zombie that yanks soldiers out of the ground and tosses them at the oncoming troops.  A destructible environment allows you to uneven the playing field, and star rankings give you the chance to unlock items and customize your playing experience.  There are heaps of Game Center achievements to keep you occupied, and thanks to a user accessible level editor there will eventually be an incredible number of levels at your disposal.  The game in universal, though the editor is only available for the iPad.

GibsNGlory Thunder Game Works, GibsNGlory – $0.99

Crabs and Penguins – Ever wonder what crabs and penguins have in common?  Thanks to Coca Cola we now know that it is the soccer ball.  Thankfully they at least refrained from having a Tom Hanks cameo.  You control a brave crab that must return a wayward soccer ball to its rightful penguin owners.  You’ll jump and dive through six diverse environments, collecting sand dollars, stars and other things as you make your way to the penguin domain.  The game is free, but is only available for the iPad 2 and 3 and the iPhone 4S. So for those of you with compatible iDevices, be prepared for some gorgeous visuals.

Crabs and Penguins Coca-Cola, Crabs and Penguins – Free

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store. As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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