Get your fill of Dennis “The Worm” Rodman in Rodman FT

Quick. Think of several things that pop up in your head when you hear the name Dennis Rodman. You’d probably thought of the bad boy image on and off the basketball court, the time he wore a wedding dress to promote his autobiography, and of course, his rebounding prowess (for those of you who didn’t watch the NBA during the 80’s and 90’s, “The Worm” is considered one of the greatest rebounders of all-time). So the last thing to cross your mind has to be Rodman shooting free throws, right? (he is after all a career .584 shooter from the charity strip). Well, leave it to Tantrum Solutions to bring the former Detroit Piston and Chicago Bull All-Star to the iDevice with Rodman FT.

Rodman FT is all about shooting free throws with the Hall of Famer. What’s unique about the game is its photorealistic visuals. Created using the Unity 3D game engine and footage of Dennis Rodman shooting free throws, all the action was shot with the latest Epic cameras from Red (5K resolution at an incredible 96fps). It’s also the same line of cameras used to shoot Peter Jackson’s upcoming movie “The Hobbit”. Sweet graphics aside, the simple gameplay involves pulling down on the screen, moving left/right for direction, and releasing your finger to shoot the ball. Knock down as many baskets as possible within 90 seconds to attempt a new high score. The game is free to download and includes the first level for play. The rest can be unlocked via IAP (different locales with more wind) and other stuff like a pink top outfit and various hair colours can purchased for $0.99. There’s even a special Augmented Reality Challenge level that uses the rear camera of your iDevice to create a live video background for hoops session.

There’s something oddly addictive about shooting free throws with Dennis Rodman on my iPhone/iPad. Probably has to do with listening to the man himself mutter things like “Whaat!”, “Come on!” and “Oh yeah, that’s right”, and trying to beat your previous high score (work your way up the all-time leaderboard on GameCenter). If you’re a fan of Rodman/basketball, or just want to try out a new (and free) pick-and-play type game, Rodman FT is now available on the App Store and worth checking out.

Rodman FT Tantrum Solutions, Rodman FT – Free

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