Not all iOS 6 features compatible with older iDevices

So you’re probably excited about some of the new features of iOS 6, but did you know that not all are available to older iDevices? On the official iOS 6 landing page (the footnotes to more specific), Apple has listed which features require specific devices. For instance, FaceTime over 3G/4G will only work on the iPhone 4S and new iPad, and the highly anticipated Flyover and turn-by-turn GPS will be found only only the 4S and iPad 2/3. And sadly for iPad 2 owners, Siri will only be making its way to the latest (2012) iPad. Thankfully though for Facebook fantatics, FB integration doesn’t appear to have any limitations in regards to hardware. For the complete breakdown of which features/devices are supported in iOS 6, take a peek at the table below.

[table courtesy of Engadget]

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