Steel Media launches SWiPE Magazine app for iPad

Steel Media, a leading tech mobile publisher based out of the UK (PocketGamer, iPhone Alliance and Quality Index to name a few), has just released the first ever issue of Swipe, an interactive magazine especially designed for the iPad. The app was built using HTML5 and its content showcases the best that the App Store has to offer. In Issue #1, Swipe gets an exclusive first look at Rovio’s Angry Birds follow up Amazing Alex, along with reviews from sites like Slide to Play, 148Apps, TouchGen (and TMA), as well as an interview with gaming legend David Braben (Lost Winds) and much more. Swipe is available now as a free download (243MB) and well worth the space on your iPad, especially if you dig iOS games. Press release and intro video after the gap.

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Press Release

Steel Media launches swipe magazine, an interactive publication showcasing the finest iOS content
Issue 1, featuring world exclusive preview of Rovio’s Amazing Alex, now available on the App Store for iPad (iPhone version to follow shortly)

Bath, UK – 12th June 2012 – Roll up! Roll up! Come share Steel Media’s excitement at the launch of swipe magazine, our brand spanking new interactive digital publication aimed squarely at users of Apple’s iDevices.

Unlike previous digital publications that have offered comparatively flat print magazine conversions or included iOS content as secondary filler, swipe is built with interactive HTML5 goodness from the ground up and focused squarely on the biggest and best content to hit the App Store. That means that not only is it tremendously fun to use, but it also cuts straight to the stuff that’s worth downloading.

So in this first issue, for instance, we kick off with the world exclusive on Amazing Alex, Rovio’s follow-up to Angry Birds. We also review the latest and greatest games, talk to gaming legend David Braben, list our ten favourite RPGs, check out the coolest iPhone/iPad gear, suggest some must-have apps, discuss the thorny issue of freemium, offer tips for Where’s My Water? Cranky’s Story, and a whole lot more.

The magazine’s content is sourced directly from members of the iPhone Alliance, a collection of the world’s finest independent sites covering the iOS scene. So readers get access to an uncommonly broad coverage selection, as well as a cross-section of views from sites whose opinion you can trust.

“From an editorial perspective, working on a publication that focuses only on the best content available for the iOS scene is uniquely rewarding in terms of how well you get to serve your audience,” said swipe editor Joao Diniz Sanches. “But when you add in the dynamic, fun interactive elements that a digital magazine format allows you’re then able to push the reader experience to a new level, to bring it to life.”

“Swipe magazine packages the best content from independent game sites into a smart, easy-reading interactive wrapper,” added Chris James, Steel Media MD. “We’re really proud of it and think it stands out in the digital magazine space as offering something a bit more engaging than anything else out there.”

While the interactive awesomeness of swipe magazine is designed primarily with iPad screens in mind, we do love all iDevices and will be making a more compact edition, which we’ve dubbed swipe lite, available for iPhone and iPod touch users very shortly.

Swipe magazine is available now on iPad and it’s totally free. So download it from the app store at

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