Amazon releases Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod Touch

Amazon’s cloud-based music service first launched last year for Android and the web, and now, thanks to the release of the Cloud Player app, it has arrived on iOS. Similar to other cloud storage offerings, Amazon’s Cloud Drive allows you to upload your music, videos, and other digital goodies into the cloud. All users get 5GB free (songs bought from Amazon MP3 don’t count towards the limit) and you can upgrade to paid plans, starting at 20GB for $20/year, all the way up to 1TB for a cool grand a year (all paid plans allow for unlimited music uploads, including your own music).

The iOS app, as you’d expect, lets you stream all your music directly from the cloud to your iPhone/iPod Touch and they can be downloaded onto your device on demand – allowing for offline listening when wifi or a mobile network is not available. You can also create and edit playlists, close the app and let it run in the background, and use bluetooth to stream songs in your house or car. Cloud Player is free to download and available now on the App Store. The Verge has posted a quick hands-on video of the app, which you can check out below.

Note: Amazon’s Cloud Drive and Cloud Player is currently only available to US customers.

Amazon Cloud Player AMZN Mobile, Amazon Cloud Player – Free

App Description

Now your music can come with you everywhere! Listen to your music from the cloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch anywhere you are. You can download or stream your library from the cloud – or play the music you already have on your device.

To make your music collection accessible, visit Amazon Cloud Player on your PC or Mac and upload your music collection from iTunes or your other folders.

Playing Your Music
· Stream your music from the cloud.
· Download locally and enjoy your music offline – no wifi or mobile network needed.
· Create and edit playlists.
· Play music in the background, or controlled via lockscreen.
· Use Bluetooth to stream your music in your house or car.

Note: When streaming over a mobile carrier data network connection, you should consider changing your application settings to stream only when connected to Wi-Fi unless you have an unlimited data plan with your carrier. If you have questions about your data plan, please contact your mobile carrier.

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