Agenda Calendar updates to 3.0 with new (and faster) Add Events Interface

App Savvy’s Agenda Calendar has been on the App Store for nearly a year now and thanks to various updates, the app has continued to receive improvements and features. It’s already one of the easiest calendar apps to navigate around (simply swipe left/right to move between year/month/week/day views), and now, with the 3.0 update, the developers have made it significantly faster to create events.

With a completely new add event interface, users can add event elements (title, start/end times, alerts, location and notes) without having to go into second or third screens. Other new additions include highly customizable repeat options, the ability to insert contacts into events with status taps, and the iPad can now switch views via swipes. The update is now available and free for existing users. Otherwise, Agenda Calendar is an excellent replacement to Apple’s own calendar app, especially given that it works on both the iPhone and iPad and is only $0.99. Personally, I’ve been primarily using Mysterious Trousers’s Calvetica for scheduling and appointments, though now with a much improved add events interface (among other things), I’ll be giving Agenda another shot.

Agenda Calendar App Savvy, Agenda Calendar – $0.99

What’s New in Version 3.0

Agenda v3.0 showcases our super fast new event creation screen and includes many of the most commonly requested features in our almost 1-year on the App Store. Enjoy! :)

✓ New event creation screen with a simplified layout*
✓ Highly customizable repeat event options during event creation
✓ Insert a contact into an event for use with status taps
✓ Added default alert setting (Settings→Defaults→Alert)
✓ Added default event duration (Settings→Defaults→Duration)
✓ Added default all day alert time (Settings→Defaults→All Day Alert Time)
✓ [iPad] Swipe right or left to change views

* More details available at

✓ Hide “All Day” event text (Settings→Extras→Show All Day Text)
✓ Expanded number of alert times
✓ Identify emails and numbers in “Notes” event area for use with status taps
✓ [iPad] Year and week view now move up or down instead of right or left
✓ [iPad] Change settings to a smaller modal view
✓ Ability to toggle to native iOS event creation

✓ Numerous stability and bug fixes

  • Sede7

    OK, so how does it fare? I am thinking about switching from Calvetica (mainly because it doesn’t work too well as a remidner, for which Agenda offers Due compatibility). I’d like to know if it would be 6 (1+5) dollars well spent or not.

  • Louis

    Personally, I don’t really have any issues with Calvetica as a reminder. Are you planning on using the app mostly on iPhone or iPad? Overall, I still prefer Calvetica over Agenda (especially on the iPad). But if you’re after speed/quick navigation, Agenda is the way to go.

    I haven’t tried Agenda + Due combo, so I can’t really comment on how well that’ll work. If you haven’t already, it wouldn’t hurt to check out Agenda first (a buck) and see if you dig the app.

  • Sede7

    Thanks, Louis, I bought Agenda but even with the updated event input, it feels a little off – at least after Calvetica. I really missed the combo views (month+agenda, week, etc.).
    Even if I buy Due, I would miss Calvetica, so I switched back and hope they improve the rmeinder features (snooze multiple passed events, pre-customizable auto-snooze to name the two most important). Anyway, thanks!

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