10 New App Store Games In Review [May 28 – June 3]

This was another strong week for iOS game offerings, so I decided to once again to use the intro to mention games that didn’t make it into the main list.  The theme this week is “free”, and they just happen to all be RPGs as well.  First up is Immortal Dusk, which is described with words like “infinite” and “endless”.  There’s also talk of the number 99 not just being a number when it comes to levels, so we’ll have to see what this new franchise from Gamevil has going for it.  Next on the list is another Gamevil game entitled Fantasy War, this one which may or may not be an MMORPG.  The interface looks like an MMORPG, though with decidedly nicer graphics than most, and there’s talk of conquering other players, but it also gives a vibe like there are single player elements.  Finally there’s Heroes Call.  This one comes from a relatively unknown developer, but it has a nice Diablo style look to it, and with more than 100 types of creatures there should be plenty of game play.  Of course all of these titles are free, so try them all and delete what you don’t like.

Razor: Salvation – This is the first installment in a new series being published by Crescent Moon Games that chronicles the plight of Earth as it tries to fend off the invasion of the Xenos.  You take on the role of commander of the dropship “Salvation”, and it’s your job to blast everything in sight that isn’t human.  You’ll have to deal with bad guys that know when to take cover, even when you use your weapons to blast that cover around the screen.  There are GameCenter leaderboards to keep track of your accomplishments, and you can even create factions with your friends to earn a group ranking as the best players on the planet.  Console quality graphics bring the action to life, including full resolution retina display for the iPad 3.  The game is universal and supports iCloud syncing, so you can play the same game no matter which device you have handy.  Crescent Moon hasn’t let me down yet, so I don’t expect this to be any different.

Razor: Salvation Crescent Moon Games, Razor: Salvation – $0.99

Collider Quest – Through a freak mishap you find yourself transported just a few years into the future which unfortunately has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  You must figure out how to get back to the present to save mankind, but you have the additional hardship of being trapped in a hotel.  If you venture outside, you’ll be consumed by the “Unknown”.  Collider Quest is presented as a series of interconnected games: puzzles, hidden object screens, spot the difference levels and more.  What I’m more intrigued about than the game itself is its connection to the Collider world.  The universe unfolds via a series of comic books, webisodes, online activities and even a film.  It will be interesting to see how all these things interconnect and if the experience will be as immersive as the developers might believe it is.  The advantage is that it’s an unknown property, so they can do what they want with it.  The disadvantage is… it’s an unknown property, so will people be interested in it?

Collider Quest beActive Interactive, Collider Quest – Free

The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P. – Long before Hector (TMA Review) was a twinkle in anyone’s posterior, those of us with a twisted sense of humor laughed to the bumbling antics of Lt. Frank Drebin.  Penned by “Naked Gun 33 1/3” co-writer Bob LoCash, this return to the wacky Police Squad universe features the infamous detective’s equally dimwitted son Frank Drebin Jr.  You must discover the whereabouts of a missing councilman, and why he might have parked his car at the bottom of the lake.  You’ll collect objects to solve puzzles, tap your way through silly mini-games, and hopefully unravel a case along the way.  The game is fully voice acted, and if we’re lucky we can expect the same sort of “taken literally” sophomoric humor that permeated the original TV show and movies.

The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P. DNA Interactive, The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P. – $4.99

Piranha 3DD – What’s better than a cheesy 3D B-movie horror film?  How about a game based off of such a film?  Now’s your chance to take control of a school of bloodthirsty predators and ravage everything you come in contact with.  You’ll be able to explore miles of underwater caverns or take the more scenic approach and visit the lake during Spring Break.  Get into a feeding frenzy to earn more points and multipliers, and expand your brood by finding eggs along the way.  You can find cool collectables for big points, but beware of obnoxious prey that will actually fight back or other hazards like exploding oil drums.  If you want a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously but you don’t feel like solving crimes, this just might be the release you’re looking for.

Piranha 3DD The Weinstein Company, Piranha 3DD – $0.99

Tap Tip Block’em – I’d say this was a parody of Zombie Wonderland, but since that game is pretty much a parody already I’m not quite sure how that would work.  Anyway, you’re a poor, innocent civilian that just wants to survive the night in a house being overrun by everything that goes bump in the night.  You’ll navigate a cartoony 3D room, chaining doors and boarding up windows in hopes of keeping all the bad things out.  When that isn’t quite enough, you’ll need to use all the wacky tools at your disposal to beat the invading hordes into submission.  The game has a story mode which can be played on a hard difficulty once completed normally, and it also has endless, time attack and glory modes to give you a variety of game play options.  Game Center provides leaderboards for the competitive at heart and achievements for those who aren’t merely satisfied with beating a game, and iCloud support lets you play on whatever iDevice you have available at the time.

Tap Tip Block'em CAPCOM, Tap Tip Block’em – $0.99

DuckersSneezies (TMA Review) was probably the first “casual” game I played on my iPod Touch, and actually one of the first two games I reviewed for iOS devices.  Since that time Retro Dream has done everything but let me down, and I don’t expect Duckers to be an exception to that rule.  I’ve only had a little bit of time to play it so far, but I suspect that it is going to be every bit as addictive as Sneezies (which means I’ll probably have to delete it from my device so I can get other things done).  You initially control Duckers – and eventually you’ll be able to unlock other characters – and all you need to do is dig for gold and gems for as long as you can.  Unfortunately, things like spikes, electric fields and nasty bugs will try and halt your progress.  The mechanics are simple, the goals are basic and the critters are cute, all of which were part of Sneezies’ charm as well.  Game Center achievements and leaderboards round out this universal package for a causal, time consuming experience.

Duckers Retro Dreamer, Duckers – Free

Fortune Street Smart – If you’ve ever thought to yourself “what would a Monopoly style game from Square Enix be like?”, let the thought trouble you no more.  Fortune Street Smart is that game, and it’s out now and free for you to try.  The game is the brainchild of Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, though I wouldn’t expect any vicious creatures to be popping out at any point.  The goal is simply to make the most money, and you’ll do that by buying shops and trading stocks and bonds.  When players land on your shops they’ll owe you money because apparently you have a “you stop, you buy” policy.  If you collect all four “suits” on the game board (the equivalent of the railroads?) you can even earn a salary.  The best part is there is no paper money to lose and the banker can’t cheat!  You get 1 map for free, and IAP provides you with several more as well as new characters to move around the board.  Of course in typical Square Enix fashion, the sum of the IAP purchases will cost you roughly $18, but that’s what you pay for Square quality.


Zombie Swipeout – Zynga is best known for Farmville and other similar social networking games, so for me big news from them is when they do something that’s not like Farmville.  I would reckon that Zombie Swipeout is about as far from that mold as you can get.  Much like the recently released The Tossing Dead, Zombie Swipeout combines Fruit Ninja style object slashing with hunting the undead.  The game was created by the fine folks that developed ZombieSmash, so in addition to your standard Machete you’ll unlock colorful weapons like Head Slapper and Prince of Cleaves.  If that doesn’t sound destructive enough for you, wait until you have access to grenades and liquid nitrogen.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from these guys, they love decimating zombies.  If slicing fruit just isn’t cutting it any more, maybe it’s time for you to tackle some rotting flesh.

Zombie Swipeout Zynga, Zombie Swipeout – $0.99

Affliction: Zombie Uprising – I’ve played a lot of zombie games on my iDevices, and the developers are right when they say I’ve never played one quite like this before.  I decided to sample this one before writing about it, and the reviewer quotes in the iTunes description are pretty accurate (though I’ve managed to avoid wetting myself so far).  At a base level it’s “just” a zombie shooting game, but the whole concept of using the gyroscope to navigate the world adds a tense element that you won’t get from a sit down game.  And yes, you will want to stand up while playing this, because the zombies will come at you from every direction.  You’ll quickly find yourself muttering “where are they?” as you hear them but don’t see them, and you’ll become good at the game when you start looking for shadows on the ground and guesstimating where to take a head shot.  I haven’t gotten to play this much yet, but I’m glad it’s part of my zombie hunting collection.

Affliction: Zombie Rising Naquatic, Affliction: Zombie Rising – $0.99

Dungeon Village – The folks at KairoSoft are at it again, and the result is a game that quite frankly I’m surprised it took them this long to do.  In Dungeon Village you look at a unique aspect of the RPG game – a mysterious town that any good adventurer visits on their travels.  Your job is to create a community that any hero worth his title would be willing to come to.  In fact, if you build a strong enough city, some adventurers might even be willing to settle down and call it home.  When adventurers that have passed through your town defeat creatures and conquer dungeons, you’ll earn money to upgrade things like combat schools and magic labs.  There’s even a cauldron feature that lets you toss a bunch of items in that you’ve gained from quests to see if you can create something magical for your armory.  Kairosoft’s offerings always sound intriguing, but this is certainly the one that has piqued my interest the most.

Dungeon Village Kairosoft Co., Dungeon Village – $3.99

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store. As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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