Siri coming to the iPad via iOS 6?

Mockup of Siri on iPad

If you’ve been clamouring to converse with Siri on the iPad, perhaps that day will come sooner than you’d expected. According to 9to5mac’s trusted sources, Apple will indeed be integrating the digital assistant into iOS 6, where it’ll not longer be exclusive on just the iPhone 4S, but include support for the iPad as well. As seen from the mockup above, Siri on the iPad is said to not be a “full screen experience”, where the interface will slide up from below with a quick hold of the home button (perhaps similar to the notifications window that drops down from above on the iPad). The Siri window is said to have rounded corners, the same look and feel as that of the iPhone 4S and will also work from the lock screen.

As for whether Siri will be made available to all iPads, there appears to be the possibility that it’ll only be supported on the iPad 3.

Apple has been testing iOS 6′s Siri for iPad feature on both the current generation iPad (third generation), and last year’s iPad 2. It is unconfirmed, however, if Siri for iPad will actually launch as an exclusive to the latest Retina Display model, but multiple sources say that this is likely the case. One reason that Siri launched exclusively on the iPhone 4S is because Apple believed that a single iPhone model would allow the Siri servers and functionality to grow at a scalable pace. Solely adding the feature to the less-than-three-month old new iPad would maintain this pattern of scaling, versus also jumping to the many more existing iPad 2 units.

Assuming that Siri will be making its way onto the iPad 3 in the very near future, it’s not known at this time whether Apple will introduce Siri on iOS 6 during next week’s WWDC keynote or perhaps even in the fall, when the iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled.

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