twig, a Multi-Talented Cable for the iPhone

Meet twig, a highly unique iPhone cable designed by 3D PRODUCT, a product development company located in Portland, Oregon. Unlike Apple’s standard USB cable, twig is only 4 inches (102mm) long and made with 3 bendable legs that give it added versatility. With an iPhone docked, the legs can be bent to create a make-shift tripod, great for snapping photos or hands-free FaceTime sessions. It can also be be used as a wall charger, made to wrap around various objects and even as an earbud cord wrap. The twig is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano and comes with a variety of colours (8). This Kickstarter project needs to meet its goal of $50,000 and after 2 days, it’s already at nearly $28,000. For a pledge of $18 (the early bird special), you’ll get a black twig, while with $20 pledge, you can pick from a color of your choice.  Check out the video below of how the final design for twig came to be.


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