Infinity Blade II’s “Vault of Tears” Update now out, game on sale for $2.99

Infinity Blade II’s latest update, one Chair Entertainment calls “the largest free content update for the game to date” and dubbed Vault of Tears, has landed on the App Store. Players will get to venture further into the past of Siris as new areas are unlocked (and secrets finally reveals), battle new enemies like the Moss Golem, Lupun, Bog Giant, Acolyte and more, and collect over 50 new items, including weapons, shields, helmets and magic rings. As well, an all-new Treasure Map feature will allow you to find hidden ally and secret items and rewards. Best of all, the visually stunning game has dropped to its lowest price point yet – $2.99 (down from $6.99) – a great buy for those who’ve yet to make the purchase (update is free for existing players).

Infinity Blade II Chair Entertainment, Infinity Blade II – $2.99

What’s New in Version 1.2

The all-new update: Vault of Tears is now available, download today!
– Delve further into the mysterious past of Siris, as new areas are unlocked and major secrets are revealed.
– Jump into battle and defeat new enemies! Featuring the Moss Golem, Lupun, Dark Fiend, Bog Giant, Acolyte, and more.
– ‘X’ marks the spot! Find your hidden ally and discover secret items and rewards with the all-new Treasure Map feature.
– More than 50 new items, including magic rings, weapons, shields, helmets, as well as armor to collect, master, and sell.
– Additional surprises await you with new Achievements, unique gems to forge, ClashMob updates, more!

Coming Soon! A third action-packed Infinity Blade II content update is on the horizon, with even more surprises to be revealed soon! The Worker of Secrets isn’t the only person locked away in the tower… and a relic from the distant past comes to light! Coming soon to Infinity Blade II – for free!

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