Kung Fu Rabbit in Review – No Sharp, Pointy Teeth, But Still…

Well, BulkyPix has managed to publish another extremely addictive action platform game with Kung Fu Rabbit.  Of course the fact that the protagonist is an oddly shaped rabbit wielding a deadly blade is beside the point.  It also doesn’t hurt that no matter how many times you fail a level there’s this bizarre draw to give it one more try.  For various reasons I’ll choose not to disclose I’m not nearly as far in this game as I’d like by now, but it hasn’t deterred me one bit from playing, and in fact is probably the reason I’ve stuck with it so long.

You control a mild mannered rabbit that just happens to be a master of martial arts (or at least plays one on the video screen).  An evil force has kidnapped all the kids in your village, and it’s time for you to exact revenge and get the tots back.  Apparently the thought of free babysitting never crossed your mind.  Your journey will take you through 60 levels in three different areas, and in case you don’t feel challenged enough you will periodically unlock levels in the bonus cavern – I’m not sure of the true purpose for these yet other than to help you pull more hare out.

The levels are actually quite short for the most part, but the constant dying might lead you to believe otherwise.  You’ll face typical trials like tar pits, crumbling blocks, disappearing / reappearing blocks and more.  You’ve seen it all before, but Kung Fu Rabbit manages to do it in a fresh way.  There aren’t even that many different kinds of bad guys, but they provide enough of a challenge that you’ll forget that minor detail.  Each opponent can only be hit from certain sides which are conveniently marked with blue glowing spots.  Attacking is automatic when those spots are facing you, and your death is automatic when they aren’t.

A slider controls left and right movement and a button press jumps, with a longer press instituting a higher jump.  The game handles everything else, though it might not do it the way you want if your timing is off.  Occasionally the slider seems a bit touchy, but it manages well for the most part.  Each level has three regular and one gold carrot to collect, and these carrots allow you to buy a range of cool power ups.  Golden carrots keep coming back, so you can replay easy levels to earn more.  You also gain an extra special power up at the end of each world that will not really necessary is kind of cool.

The graphics are top notch between the square shaped bunnies, odd assortment of blob-like adversaries and some smooth animation.  The backgrounds are quite detailed and colorful.  And trust me you’ll really get to appreciate some of these levels visually as you play them over and over again.  The sound effects really bring the world to life, whether it’s the bubbling of deadly tar, the tapping of your rabbit’s feet as he runs across a long platform or the giggles you share when you’ve rescued a baby bunny and completed the level.  The music seems decent as well, but on my iPod Touch it seemed to cut out more than it was there.  Hopefully players with more memory in their devices get a better experience where that is concerned.

I feel like somewhat of a broken record lately when it comes to platform game reviews, but I don’t really feel like this breaks any new ground.  Fortunately, the ground it does break is so well done it doesn’t really matter.  I’ve been more than willing to repeatedly die on some levels just so I could ultimately walk away with all four carrots.  My main concern at this point is that I might actually finish the game, and then what will I do?

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: Kung Fu Rabbit Developer: Bulkypix
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 4.3
Price: $0.99 App Size:
  • Great level design
  • Awesome visuals
  • Wonderful sound effects
  • Amusing achievements
  • Slider sometimes finicky
  • Music cuts out
  • Memory issues on iPod Touch
  • Want more levels


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