Report: Apple has placed orders for 4″ screens for new iPhone


According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has already begun to place orders for the iPhone 5’s screen and they’re said to measure “at least” 4 inches diagonally, with production for the screens set for next month. In a separate report from Reuters that provides similar info, Apple indeed plans to use a larger screen for the next iPhone (“4 inches from corner to corner”) and has placed orders for the next display from LG, Sharp and Japan Display Inc. Reuters was more specific with manufacturing dates, with production for the screens to start as early as June, which would allow the iPhone to go into full production by August. Neither report though has given any indication if the iPhone’s current 2:3 aspect ratio (vertical) or width will be changed, though iLounge’s recent rumour pointed to an elongated 4″ screen that keeps the same dimensions widthwise of an iPhone 4/4S. If the above production dates are true, there’s a good chance we can expect the iPhone 5 to be released sometime in October, a full year after the iPhone 4S first hit the market. And by the looks of it, it appears more and more likely that the iPhone will finally ditch its 3.5″ screen for a larger one.

[Apple Insider]

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