[Updated] Grab the Hunger Games Trilogy ($2.70) and other ebooks at 90% off via Kobo coupon code

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, you definitely need to take advantage of this amazing deal from Kobo Books. By using the coupon code “welcome90us” (simply switch out the ‘us’ depending on your location, like ‘ca’, ‘au’, uk’) on check out, you’ll get 90% off the website price. So the Hunger Games Trilogy for instance, selling for $26.98, will be reduced to $2.70 before taxes! The caveat is that it’ll only work once per account AND on non-agency books. While there’s no section specifically for non-agency books on the kobo website, they can typically be spotted by ebooks prices that end in something other than ‘.99’ (i.e $26.98 or $9.87) or if the ebook shows 2 prices (i.e ‘List Price’ and ‘Our ‘Price’). Other coupon codes that currently work include:

  • welcome75us = 75% off an ebook
  • welcome10us – $10 off an ebook (that’s 10 dollars, not 10%)
  • welcome5us = $5 off an ebook

Each of the above codes will work once, so you can pick and choose which ebooks you’d like to them them with. Mobile Read Forums member AnemicOak has posted a fairly large list of non-agency publishers, which you can then copy and paste individually into the search field on Kobo website to browse their (“coupon code friendly”) ebooks.

Once purchased, you can read these Adobe DRM EPUB files on Kobo’s eReaders, and of course, Kobo’s own iOS app. If you prefer using iBooks, you can use the excellent (and free) Calibre ebooks management software to first remove the DRM – though for that, you’ll have to search the web for the nitty gritty details.

These coupons are good as of writing (I tested them out myself and they do work), though they can expire anytime and may not work in all locations. Happy reading!

Update: Bad news: It appears that the 4 coupon codes listed above no longer work. Good news: The following codes can be used instead (they’re valid as of April 26th @ 10:30am EST). Definitely not as great as the previous deals, but still not too shabby.

  • thankyou2012 (35% off)
  • c2auto30 (30% off)
  • c2auto35 (35% off)
  • c3auto35 (35% off)
  • c4auto35 (35% off)
  • c4auto40 (40% off)
  • c4auto45 (45% off)

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