Onavo Extend adds LTE/CDMA support, will help cut down on data usage

Onavo Extend, an existing iOS app that helps you save up to 80% on your data consumption, has just added support for 4G LTE iPads, and the iPhone 4S on CDMA networks. Using cloud-based technology and some and compression magic, Onavo helps make sure that you don’t go over your monthly data plan. Basically, here’s how it works:

Onavo Extend installs a configuration profile (which includes your operator’s APN settings) on your device so that data you receive from the Internet is compressed in our cloud-based compression service, located in datacenters operated by Amazon Web Services. The compressed data is then sent to your mobile device so that you get a leaner, faster and more efficient version of the web.

Especially now that LTE iPads are supported, it’ll mean that you can finally get way more bang for your buck and not have to constantly worry about paying for overage charges (like this guy who used all 2GB of his allotment in 2 hours). Onavo Extend also provides users with a breakdown of data consumed AND saved by each app, which really is a handy tool to have around. Best of all, it’s completely free to download and use, with support for over 240 providers around the globe. Check out the video demo and press release below for more info.

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Press Release

Wildly Popular and Free Onavo Extend App Now Available on 4G LTE iPads and iPhone 4S on CDMA Networks Consumers Can Now Get Up to Five Times More from Data Plans and Fight LTE Extreme Data Usage

San Francisco, Calif. – April 24, 2012 – Onavo Extend, the data compression application that enables mobile users to experience up to five times more from their wireless data plans, is now available on 4G LTE iPads and iPhone 4S on CDMA networks. For the first time, tens of millions of Sprint and Verizon customers and millions of iPad users can tap into the power of Onavo Extend data compression to extend their data plan and mobile experience without changing the way they use their Apple device.

“In just six months, Onavo Extend has become a must-have app for millions of people around the world by alleviating costly data overages and roaming charges. Onavo Extend compresses data by up to 80 percent – meaning people can do five times more web browsing, emailing, photo sharing, Tweeting or updating Facebook without changing anything,” said Onavo CEO Guy Rosen. “Today we are excited to make Onavo Extend available to tens of millions more people with the release for 4G LTE iPads on Verizon and AT&T, and iPhone 4S consumers on Verizon and Sprint who are more than ready for a better mobile experience.”

The rapid consumer adoption of 4G LTE iPads has been accompanied by growing irritation at how quickly the popular devices burn through data plans on basic activities like web browsing and usage of popular apps. Similarly, iPhone 4S users on Verizon and Sprint’s CDMA networks are searching for remedies to their explosive data consumption problems, which are compounded by new data caps and limits on usage that carriers continue to roll out, often equating to higher charges and a poor user experience.

“Onavo Extend is critical for every 4G LTE iPad owner; we have heard from many people who have burned through their monthly data plans in as little as a day but do not want to reduce usage of their favorite device,” said Rosen. “It also provides a free insurance policy against overages and degraded network performance for iPhone 4S users on CDMA networks like Verizon, where the network has done away with unlimited data plans. Our availability on the latest and greatest Apple technology, empowering users to get way more out of their data plan, will change people’s bills – and the amount left in their wallets.”

Onavo Extend is free for both iOS and Android, and uses Onavo’s cloud-based, compression technology and analytics to allow users to get more from their data plan without changing the way they use their phone. Easy to install and simple to use, it runs in the background, silently compressing data so users can do more with their mobile device on even the tightest data plan. It also reduces roaming charges by providing a leaner version of the web on the road. Abroad or at home, Onavo Extend also gives monthly data usage reports to allow consumers to easily understand, plan and manage data consumption.

About Onavo

Onavo free mobile applications make it easy for users to extend and improve their mobile data experience without changing the way they use their phones. Using cloud-based compression and analytics, Onavo’s award-winning mobile apps make it easy for millions of users around the world to get as much as five times more from their data plan, enhancing their mobile experience by protecting from higher data charges, roaming fees, data throttling and poor performance. With Onavo, consumers no longer have to worry about incurring huge overage fees, roaming charges and unexpected data charges. For more information, please visit www.onavo.com or follow on Twitter @onavo.

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