Jules Verne’s Journey to the center of the moon in Review – The genius of Jules Verne in Space


Jules Verne is arguably one of the most prophetic tech visionaries of all time, second only to Leonardo DaVinci. His 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea predicted modern era submarines in amazing detail. From the Earth to the Moon, of course, looks a bit more naive these days describing the journey to the moon using a giant canon. On the other hand, modern-era rockets might be considered the same in spirit, if not in principal. Tetraedge and Microids however, decided to stay true to Verne’s classic vision in their superb Jules Verne’s Journey to the center of the moon – Part 1/Part 2/Part 3.

As other Tetraedge releases, Journey to the center of the moon is a classic first person adventure. Drinking can have drastic consequences, as famous adventurer Michel Ardan quickly learns to his dismay. After a night out with a couple of other celebrities, he wakes up in a capsule speeding away from Earth surrounded by the corpses of his compatriots. With his head hurting and only a rooster for company, he not only tries to figure out how they ended up here, but to make sure he lands safely on the Moon and eventually make his way home.


You see the world through Michel’s eyes as you explore first the confines of the capsule and later the vast expanses of the Moon. The gameplay is a traditional adventuring mix of inventory and dialogue based puzzles, with a noticeable skew towards the former. The puzzles themselves are very creative – up to the point of some clever cooking and mixing. And even though some of the original ones have been cut out of the iOS version, you’ll never feel like the game doesn’t give you enough of a challenge.


Another pleasant surprise was the excellent spacing of story and puzzles. While many other adventure games feel like a lot of freedom is given during the first half of the story (which then quickly turns into a track further on), Journey to the center of the moon is void of such design. Instead you’ll unlock even more areas as you progress without restricting access to the earlier portions of the game. At the same time the areas where the story bits have been completed are rather obvious, relieving you of the necessity of checking each and every scene time and time again.


Visually Journey to the center of the moon looks great. The graphics are crisp and rich in detail and colours. Utilizing the usual Microids/Tetraedge full 360 degree view and the intuitive one-tap interface, navigating the game is a breeze. And the interface makes managing the inventory a snap as well. Full voiceovers are present, along with an eerie soundtrack to accompany you on the moon.


Jules Verne’s Journey to the center of the moon is one of the more engaging and balanced adventures I’ve played on the iPhone. It embraces the spirit of Jules Verne’s creation, combined with excellent graphics and well thought out gameplay. Intriguing and creative puzzles will keep you occupied for hours on end without leaving you feeling like you’re at a dead end. In short – it’s a must have for both fans of adventure games and the more casual gaming crowd.

Note: Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Moon is also available on the iPad: Part 1 HD / Part 2 HD / Part 3 HD.

With this I declare Jules Verne’s Journey to the center of the moon officially touched!

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: Jules Verne’s Journey to the center of the moon – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 Developer: Microids
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.2
Price: $1.99 / $1.99 / $1.99 App Size: 482.74MB / 518.25MB / 523.09MB
  • Jules Verne authentic atmosphere
  • Well balanced story and puzzles
  • Excellent graphics
  • Split into 3 parts and still not universal


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