Mobile games played most often at home (and in bed): survey

When it comes to mobile games, one of the more common assumptions is that they’re played most often while on-the-go. But a new survey released yesterday is suggesting that people love playing their iOS/Android/Windows mobile games in the comforts of their own home even more. Conducted by MocoSpace, a mobile social networking site with over 25 million users, 15,000 gamers were polled in February 2012 and asked where they like to play mobile games. Surprisingly, 96% said “At home”

Meanwhile, 85% played most while waiting for an appointment. With this particular question, participants were asked to select as many answers from the group. Here’s the complete breakdown:

  • 96 percent: At home
  • 83 percent: Waiting for an appointment
  • 72 percent: Commute by train, bus, or car
  • 64 percent: At work
  • 64 percent: Out with friends
  • 46 percent: In class
  • 25 percent: At the gym

46% While in the classroom? Times sure have changed since when I was in school. Even if smart phones were available back then (the 90’s), I’d still find it pretty ballsy to pull out the iPhone for a game of Drop7 when the teacher wasn’t looking.

This 96% figure does support the findings of other reports in the recent past. Just last year, Travis Boatman, vice president of wordlwide studios at EA Mobile said that mobile gamers played while at home 47% of the time.

When asked where at home they mostly play games on their mobile phones, 53% said from their bed, 41% in the living room, 5% in the bathroom, and 1% at the dinner table. This is not surpring considering how tempting it often is to squeeze in another few rounds of that addictive iOS game(s) just before passing out for the night. I know I do on most nights. And sleep experts say your bed should only be for sleeping and sex.

As for what types of games they play on their mobile device, social games (62%) topped the list, followed by Action (53%), Puzzle (40%) and Casino style games (28%).

With mobile games becoming more affordable than ever (from free to a few bucks) and the fact mobile phones/devices are often attached to their owners like glue, it’s no wonder then that we’re spending more and more time playing games on our iPhones while at home. So much so that console makers should be looking over their shoulders. MocoSpace co-founder and CEO Justin Siegel offers this:

“This report should make every console gaming company nervous. Mobile gaming is not a companion to consoles, but rather it’s attacking them on their home turf: the couch, the La-Z-Boy and even the bedroom.”

You can check out the complete press release and more info about MocoSpace over at Game-Newsire.

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