New iPhone will sport a 4.6 inch retina display?

When it comes to rumours of an iPhone 5 (new iPhone?) with a larger display, we’ve all heard it before. While past reports have speculated on a 4-inch display, Reuters today is reporting that the next iPhone will have a 4.6-inch retina screen and be released within several months.

Apple Inc’s new iPhone will have a sharper and bigger 4.6-inch “retina” display and is set to be launched around the second quarter, a South Korean media reported on Thursday.

Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers, the Maeil Business Newspaper said, quoting an unnamed industry source.

LG and Samsung, Apple’s two major display suppliers, have declined to comment. If true (and that’s a big IF), that would mean the next iPhone will be as big as the Samsung Galaxy II’s 4.65-inch AMOLED display – a 31% increase from its current size of 3.5″. Of all the iDevices released thus far (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), the one thing that has remained a constant is their screen size. There have been rumours however, of a smaller 7.85″ iPad that Apple is planning to sell in order to compete with the likes of the Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. As for the new iPhone, a second quarter launch (June?) would mean that it’s scheduled to release several months ahead the current cycle (iPhone 4S was released in October of 2011). Let’s hope at least that is true, just so we won’t have to wait until October/November before we can finally get our hands on it.

[via Techland]

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