Apps Gone Free Roundup: Squids, Evertales and more

Squids (TMA Review), an awesome action/strategy game (with RPG elements) that quickly won over iOS gamers when it was first released several months ago, is now a freebie for a limited time. Created by The Game Bakers, Squids features great visuals, a catchy soundtrack and more importantly, superbly well executed and addictive gameplay. A recent update introduced a new squid (Jammer), more helmets and 4 more levels of underwater mayhem. Also currently free is Crescent Moon’s Evertales, a solid platformer where you can choose from one of 3 unique heroes. Check out the complete round up of Apps Gone Free right after the gap.

Squids (Universal)

SQUIDS is a unique mix of action strategy and RPG: build your team of heroes for epic turn-based battles against corrupted crabs and shrimps!

Steev, Vahine and the rest of the Squids are in danger! An infectious black ooze is corrupting their world. Only a few heroes can fight back and save their lush underwater kingdoms! Recruit a small army of stretchy Squids and lead them into turn-based battles against the dark hordes.

Squids The Game Bakers, Squids (TMA Review), – Free

Evertales (Universal)

Once upon time, there was a tale of mighty heroes, protectors of the realm, and the saviors of many damsels in distress. This…is not that tale.

This is a tale of unlikely Heroes. Embark on journeys of not-so-epic proportions with Sir Jorgin, the noble knight past his prime; Arwick, the ladies man and elf rogue; and Taragon, wize, old, and somewhat senile wizard. Welcome….to Evertales.


Quest with 3 unique heroes:
• Sir Jorgin, the mighty knight, is a fierce melee fighter and can take a punch!
• Arwick the Elf specializes in ranged weapons, charm, and an attractive double jump!
• Taragorn the Senile wields tight spells a loose tongue, and the power to levitate!

Evertales Crescent Moon Games, Evertales, – Free

The Marbians HD (iPad Only)

The Marbians is a physics-based marbles game where players will send Marbians careening off walls and around obstacles to collect moon rocks, rack up points and bonuses, and reach their UFO homes. Smack your Marbian off walls at high speed for more points, collect all the moon rocks you can, and see your alien friends safely home! Post your high scores and trophies to your Facebook page, and check the global rankings for each level to see how you stack up with the rest of the marble-flinging world.

The Marbians HD - Full Game Nordisk Film Games, The Marbians HD (TMA Review), – Free

Puzzling Penguins 2

Puzzling Penguins 2 challenges you to slide, push, and maneuver our adorable penguin heros across the ice and into the friendly waters below.

Puzzling Penguins 2 brings you a brand new isometric-based visual style, that complements the original game while expanding on its intricate, unique and carefully designed puzzles.

★ 63 unique levels with more to come.
★ Sliding blocks, fire stars, explosions and more!
★ Intuitive swipe and slide controls.
★ Puzzles ranging from easy to very difficult.
★ Brilliant and smooth graphics.
★ Game Center integration.

Puzzling Penguins 2 Bryan Mitchell, Puzzling Penguins 2, – Free

You’re The Chicken Mogul! (Universal)

The ultimate in business super-sims and time-management mayhem has arrived for iPhone and iPad. You know the world will crave your fried chicken if they only had the chance to try it!

You’re The Chicken Mogul will really give you something to get your beak into as you are thrust into the center of a fried chicken empire, tasked with turning around flagging sales in record time.

•4 different real time screens for managing all aspects of your business : hatcheries and feed production plants, the grow-out house, the fried chicken restaurant, and the headquarters!

•Build and upgrade your production facilities; reclaim land to expand your operations; sell off facilities to liquidize your assets; it’s your call!

You’re The Chicken Mogul! Minoraxis, You’re The Chicken Mogul!, – Free

Army of Frogs

In a small pond with a population of frogs that is constantly growing, the fight for territory and the best possible location is always, a battle.

Army Of Frogs is an excitingly, fun board game by the award winning games designer, John Yianni. The game is for 2-4 players (human or AI) with each player in control of a group of 10 frogs, which connect to the other player’s frogs to form an island.

The shape and size of the island is constantly changing as players add and jump their frogs about in an attempt to rally them into one large group to win the game. The player’s frogs are also introduced to the island by the other players, who will most definitely add them in difficult locations and use them to block the movements of the other frogs: so winning is not as simple as it may first appear.

Army of Frogs Big Daddy’s Creations, Army of Frogs, – Free

Tiny Jump (Universal)

Simple and fun! Great adventure with a tap!
Tiny Jump, a simple and fun game. Player control a character jumping between planets, collect items to win high score. Jump angle is important to win high score, and Combo is the key too. There is many characters in this game, each has a unique advantage, can help players to clear stage, and there is some more characters comming soon.

This game has a cute cartoon graphic, wondful sound effect and music, and Easy control. But, If you want get a high score, you need lots of practise.

Tiny Jump Sotodo Technology, Tiny Jump, – Free

Total Defense 3D HD (iPad Only)

In a star system far, far away, people live under the cruel Tyrant’s heel. There is no force strong enough to oppose him – but who says you can’t build such a force? It’s only a matter of resources…
•Build towers and protect your mining base to gather enough strength to fight the Imperial army.
•Free the solar system in 19 story-driven missions.
•Experiment with 4 upgradeable types of towers and 5 sets of skills, to work out the most lethal strategy.
•Explore exotic alien landscapes in 360 degrees.

Total Defense 3D HD DaSuppa, Total Defense 3D HD, – Free

C.H.A.O.S (Universal)

In C.H.A.O.S you will step into pilot’s shoes and experience fierce air combats while flying one of the most hardcore helicopters in the world.

A secret organization named C.H.A.O.S has been established by the dictators who lost their power and now they aim at world domination. As a brave pilot, you’ve been hired to prevent them from expanding their influence to other countries. You’re about to take this challenge and save the world from terror!

Choose helicopters from different manufacturers from the USA, Russia and Europe such as AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk, Hind, Ka-52 Alligator, RAH-66 Comanche and more! Accomplish missions, go through intensive air combats and defeat the enemy!

C.H.A.O.S SKY JET, C.H.A.O.S, – Free

Jelly Bear HD (iPad Only)

– Match as fast as you can to achieve high scores
– Match 5-in-a-row to create jelly bomb!
– Match 8-in-a-row to create jelly bear! Double and triple your scores!
– Clear a certain color by lucky draw while matching 10-in-a-row!

– Stunning graphics
– 1 player/2 players
– 4 game modes
– 3 game board sizes
– Funny music and sound effects

Jelly Bear HD 7th Playground, Jelly Bear HD, – Free

Star Warfare:Alien Invasion (Universal)

UBW-594244 is a beautiful and peaceful planet located at the far edge of human territory…Mithril, a revolutionary new raw material, is found here. The population is growing rapidly. It’s a happy and wealthy region…Until ‘they’ appear!

There’s nowhere to retreat: Defeat the enemies here, now, or your home will be lost forever!

Solid single player mode
l Various enemies with rich AI
l Console-like smooth control
l 5 maps and 30 levels, loot can be used in solo and multiplayer modes

Simply the best co-op shooting game on smart phones
l Console-quality boss battles, team with up to 3 players(WIFI, 3G)
l Earn more gold in team survival mode.
l Armor and bags specially designed for team battle

Star Warfare:Alien Invasion Freyr Games, Star Warfare:Alien Invasion, – Free

Mechanic Panic

Work was great, until the day the elevators stopped working.
A catastrophic explosion has rocked the world’s first Space Elevator. Thankfully you’re on the job!

As the fearless mechanic, jump as high as you can to save all the people in peril. The environment around you is crumbling. Beware of the many hazards that will come crashing down.

Oh and don’t forget about the burning fireball of doom rising up.

Mechanic Panic Jeffrey Yim, Mechanic Panic, – Free

Minicars Touch

Feel the rush in pixel-art style fashion with Minicars Touch an exciting top-down racing game by Dracoders.

Blaze on 15 different tracks against 6 competitors in this turn&burn racing game for the iOS. Use every dirty trick in the book to your advantage such as shortcuts, teleports, electric weapons and nitro speed burst against your opponents to claim your name in fame and unlock even more exciting tracks.

Minicars Touch Dracoders, Minicars Touch, – Free

Charadium II

Charadium is a fast & furious draw-and-guess multiplayer game that guarantees you’ll be drawn in. Your goal is to draw a given word, and other players have to guess that word.

Sounds simple, but it’s unbelievable how amazingly fun and addictive this process is!

You can play live games or turn-based games with your family, friends or other players from all around the world.

Get Charadium and dive into the drawing and guessing fun!

Charadium II On5, Charadium II, – Free

Tetra Sketch

Can you handle 192 levels of puzzle piece drawing excitement?! If you answered “yes” then that makes you weird, because you responded to a written rhetorical question. However, it also makes you the perfect candidate to try out TetraSketch, the latest in touch screen puzzle pandemonium!

In TetraSketch you complete puzzles by filling in empty shapes with tetraminoes. “What is a tetramino?” you might ask. Tetraminoes are a geometric forms composed of four connected squares. Tetraminoes (rhymes with ‘dominoes’) can be quickly drawn with your finger for easy placement. Rather than the rigmarole of moving and rotating shapes, you can simply draw them in the place and orientation you prefer. Need to remove a piece? Just double tap it for quick removal. Icons at the top of the screen show you what pieces you have left available. Need help? A single hint is available from the pause menu in case you get stuck.

Tetra Sketch Level Cap Studios, Tetra Sketch, – Free


HDR FX allows you to have Single-Photo HDR Effect on your photos and at the same time to experience special functions that HDR FX provides. It helps you make photos look more impressive and gorgeous than what you experience in a real world.

A magical experience will be shown on your phone. Sceneries in travelling, beautiful sky around sunset, first snow near daybreak and so on…No matter what is taken, the magic promises more beautiful and breathtaking photos.

HDR FX JellyBus Inc., HDR FX, – Free

Grocery List – Buy Me a Pie! (Universal)

How many times have you returned from a store only to realize you’ve forgotten something? This beautifully designed app allows you to make lists and sync it with your family’s iOS devices so they can add items on the go.
✔ Very simple and beautiful design.
✔ Automatic cloud synchronization.
✔ Share your account with friends to manage grocery lists together.
✔ Get notifications when your lists are updated.
✔ Use the website to manage your lists from any computer.
✔ Quickly add items from a predefined list of groceries.
✔ Entered items are automatically stored in the built-in dictionary for future lists.
✔ Automatically suggests a word upon entering a few letters. Just tap a suggested word instead of typing all of the letters of the desired word.

Grocery List - Buy Me a Pie!™ Skript, Grocery List – Buy Me a Pie!â„¢, – Free

FoxTube – YouTube Cache

Play YouTube video anywhere without buffering.
Make playlists and enjoy it on the go or from a TV.

FoxTube features:
* Easy search (auto-completion, search history)
* Manage playlists (rename, merge, move, copy, delete)
* Supports background play (multitasking)
* Supports remote controls
* Display media info in lock screen(iOS5 only)
* Pre-cache videos before playing (pre-cache algorithm can be selected independently for 3G/WiFi)
* supports YouTube HQ videos

FoxTube - YouTube Cache mix1009, FoxTube – YouTube Cache, – Free

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