Monkey Island Tales 3 in Review – Look, a two-headed Pinocchio!


Ah, love… What men (and women) won’t do for love, at least if it’s true. And if your beloved is infected by a horrible evil zombie plague, who would think twice about embarking on a journey to find the mythical zombie-sucking Giant Sea Sponge. I know I wouldn’t and neither did Guybrush Threepwood. Though the chance that his own possessed hand might be cured as well could have something to do with it… nah… it’s just Monkey Island Tales 3.

As with previous installments [TMA review of M.I.T 1 and M.I.T 2], Monkey Island Tales 3 is a classic point and tap adventure. Part 2, if you’ll recall, left our daring hero just as he was swallowed by a giant manatee Pinocchio style. And quite to his surprise, inside he finds the long lost adventurer who was also on a quest to retrieve the mysterious La Esponja Grande. Guybrush has to team up with these unlikely allies to find a way out of the belly of the beast while Elaine and LeChuck go around setting the monkeys free… Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?


Quite unsurprisingly the gameplay follows the traditional guidelines of the series. For part of the game you’ll have several concurrent tasks to complete in any order you choose, while other times it will stick a single signpost right before your nose and send you questing. This time around, your adventures will mainly take you around the insides of the sea creature (which is a bit gross if you ask me), and the traditional open sailing will not be available. The puzzles are more environment than inventory based here and you’ll even have a minigame-sort of puzzle to tackle.


The writing gets better and better with each episode. The cast of characters would rival a blockbuster comedy and the gags manage to stay above the waistline – for the most part anyway. But considering where Guybrush finds himself, the writers deserve praise for their sense of humour. I especially enjoyed the manatee dating simulator that brought fond memories of when my wife and I first started dating. Oh, the good times.


The graphics are solid but still suffer from not having support for the Retina display, at least on the iPhone 4/4S. And even without such, the performance is more than shaky with occasional and significant framerate drops. The audio on the other hand is simply amazing. Full voiceovers are provided and the acting is superb, which further enhances the overall experience of the adventure.


Monkey Island Tales 3 is a solid continuation of the series and I imagine anyone who played the first two games will pick it up as well. Don’t expect any major changes in gameplay, visuals or, sadly, performance but the writing gets even better. You’ll find out how Pinocchio felt, meet a few new faces and even bring together a couple of manatees destined to fall in love. The cast of characters is superb and Monkey Island Tales 3 is sure to bring you more than it’s fair share of laughs.

With this I declare Monkey Island Tales 3 officially touched!

Grab It Rating - 4/5

App Summary
Title: Monkey Island Tales 3 Developer: Telltale Inc
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 4.2
Price: $4.99 App Size: 357.49MB
  • Hilarious writing
  • Excellent voiceovers
  • Memorable characters
  • Performance issues


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