Cloud Photos syncs your photos to Dropbox

For those of you who enjoy taking pictures on your iPhone AND like the idea of having all those images synced automatically with your Dropbox account, Cloud Photos just might be the app for you. Created by the start-up dev team Syrp, Cloud Photos uses Dropbox to store all your photographs, so as you go off snapping pics with the built-in camera, those images are uploaded to Dropbox in the background. Speaking of which, the camera features several advanced settings like white balance, focus, exposure and grid. And to help save space on your iPhone, the app only saves a thumbnail of the actual photo taken onto the device, thus freeing up precious space for apps and other media (the original files can be downloaded from the cloud at anytime). Cloud Photos is available now on the App Store and currently on sale at $0.99. You can check out the rest of its features after the gap.

Cloud Photos Syrp Inc., Cloud Photos, – $0.99

App Description


Cloud Photos is a photography app for iPhone which gives you the power to capture, control and share your photos in the cloud. It uses Dropbox to sync and store your photos, liberating your mobile photos from your phone.

✦ Capture photos to the cloud with syncing and backup:
Never worry about losing mobile photos again, new photos are automatically synced and uploaded to Dropbox. Photos synced with Dropbox appear in your Photos folder, so you have access to them from anywhere. You control if uploading of photos occurs over WiFi or 3G.

✦ Organize your photos with powerful album management:
Bring order to your mobile photos; create new albums, move, copy and delete photos between albums and have it all sync in real time with Dropbox. Copy your camera roll and locally stored photos to the cloud and never sync photos with iTunes again. Control where and how your photos are stored, keeping them organized and safe.

✦ Share your albums with friends and sync them automatically:
Sharing photos publicly is easier than ever with social networks. But what about photos you only want to share with a few people? Private Sharing makes it easy, all photos in a shared album are synced between your friends. You can immediately see when someone has added a new photo to the album.

✦ Send photos with your favorite apps and social networks:
Send your photos easily and simply with Cloud Photos. Built in Mail and Twitter supports lets you choose to send the whole file, a thumbnail or a link. Copy to Clipboard and “Open In…” allow you to export your photo to apps and social networks you use. For a more tactile form of sending, print out your photos using AirPrint!

✦ Professional camera gives you total control:
Capture photos quickly and securely with the Cloud Photos professional camera. Customize the camera settings to capture the perfect photo; rotate the camera, set your flash, or explore the advanced settings (white balance, focus, exposure and grid). Choose the correct album to save it in on the go.

✦ Save storage on your iPhone:
Cloud Photos only saves a thumbnail version of photos on the iPhone, saving you 40X the space of the original photos. This gives you more space for apps and media, while making your photo library available online or offline. The original files are available to be downloaded at anytime to share.

Cloud Photos is from Syrp Inc., two brothers in a basement making sticky sweet applications.

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