Kicksend lets you send up to 30 photos and files at a time on your iPhone

If you’re one of the many iOS users who often wish they could quickly send a bunch of photos and videos in one shot (iOS 5 only allows up to 5 pics and 1 video to be sent per email), you definitely want to check out Kicksend — a new Dropbox-like service that makes it easy to share pictures, videos, documents and other files. With the Kicksend app installed on your iPhone, you can send out up to 30 images and various files in one go. Perhaps even more importantly, Kicksend gives you the option of sending the photos in its original state (uncompressed), and various quality settings can also be chosen if you wish.

Upon starting the app for the first time, you’ll be asked to create an account – which takes 30 seconds – or simply login via Facebook. Once done, you can begin sending stuff to your friends and family. The receiving end doesn’t need a Kicksend account/app; they’ll simply get an email with thumbnails of all the sent files, which when clicked, will take them to Kicksend’s web interface where they can view and/or download the photos, videos, PDF docs etc. And like Dropbox, so long as you have an account and the iPhone or desktop app installed, any files sent your way via Kicksend will automatically be delivered to your phone/desktop hard drive. One important thing to note is that there’s a limit (1 GB) on how much you can send out per month, so don’t expect to be able to share with others unlimited photos and videos anytime of day. You can increase your quota though by inviting others to use Kicksend (10Mb per invite), or installing the iPhone and desktop apps for additional space (100mb and 200mb respectively). Or, you can upgrade to paid plans, which start at $5/month for 5GB of or up to $20/month to send 30GB. If you don’t plan on sending a whole bunch of uncompressed photos or videos, the free account should suffice.

For non-jailbroken iPhone users out there, the Kicksend app makes it extremely easy (and possible) to group a bunch of photos/videos together and send them to others with but a few simple taps. Check out the demo video and press release below for more info.

Kicksend Kicksend, Kicksend, – Free

App Description

Take all of those photos and other files you have stored on your phone and send them instantly to any friend, list of people, or email address with the official Kicksend app for iPhone.

* Send large batches of high-res, **original quality** photos & videos from your phone to any friend, instantly.
* Send files from other apps when you choose “Open in Kicksend”, finally enabling easy file sharing on the iPhone.
* Whatever you send will appear immediately on all of your friend’s desktops & phones.
* Receive files others send you in real-time right on your phone.
* View, send and comment privately on PDFs, docs, photos, videos, etc.

Kicksend ( is the easiest way to send & receive photos, videos, documents and other files with the people you know, on desktop, mobile, and web.

Press Release

Kickstarting a Photo Sending Revolution Y Combinator incubated Kicksend puts the squeeze on compressed, low quality photos; new iPhone app brings dead-simple, high quality photo & video sharing to iPhone users

San Francisco, CA, February 28, 2012 – Y Combinator incubated Kicksend is setting iPhone users free from restrictive photo sending limits and compressed low quality images. Kicksend for the iPhone lets consumers send original high quality photos directly from their iPhone to anyone’s email address or desktop privately. As Kodak shutters their camera and video manufacturing business, mobile sharing is on the rise. The eyes may be the windows to the soul but increasingly mobile devices are the eyes of our world as smartphones replace cameras and video cameras as the go-to photo and video device for casual users. In fact, according to the NPD Group, photos taken with a smartphone rose 10 percent in 2012 while the share of photos taken on any camera decreased by 8 percent.

“We are excited to bring our intuitive and extremely useful file-sending technology to mobile users where it is sorely needed,” said Brendan Lim, Co-Founder and CPO. “The user experience is at the core of everything we do and we are proud to provide an easy, reliable way for iPhone users to send a large number of full quality photos and videos from their iPhone to anyone.”
“Kicksend is the missing file sending utility for iOS. It’s an essential app that lets you handle any document, file, or photos and video,” said Garry Tan, Venture Partner, Y Combinator. “Best of all, it’s well crafted and very easy to use.”

Kicksend for iPhone can be downloaded from the app store. The app allows iPhone users to send large batches of photos at one time.  Images are not compressed and the original quality of all photos is preserved. Users can also send videos and documents from within other apps. Kicksend is completely secure and private, providing users with complete control over who sees their photos and videos. Key features of Kicksend for iPhone include the following:

* Share large batches of photos. With Kicksend for iPhone you can select up to 30 photos at a time and send to any email address, friend, or even
a list of thousands of people.

* Send in high resolution. Kicksend for iPhone lets you send photos in the same high quality that they were shot in – no need to compromise.

* Sharing made easy. With Kicksend for iPhone, you can send files that are too big to send via email. You can also select files from other iPhone applications and send them through Kicksend.

* From iPhone to hard drive. Send photos to Kicksend desktop app users. Any files you send are delivered automatically to their hard drives. Whether you are in Boise or Antarctica, you can give send photos instantly, effortlessly and privately to friends and family.

* Giving and Receiving. Files sent to Kicksend users show up instantly on all of their connected devices. You can stand next to your friend who’s using the Kicksend iPhone app, send him a photo or video, and watch it appear on his screen instantly.

Passionate about creating an easy photo and video sharing experience, Kicksend knew from the company’s inception that they would develop an iPhone app. Three months of intense, focused work at Y Combinator helped give life to the vision. The new app builds on the company’s mission to provide a dead-simple way to send and receive photos, documents, and other files privately with the people you care about. With an intense focus on usability, Kicksend vigorously tests their products with non-technical users to ensure that interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. The feedback from beta testers has enabled the company to align product design with vision, delivering products that both technical and non-technical users can intuitively use.

About Kicksend
Kicksend allows family and friends to send and receive over 30 files at once in real-time on the web, mobile, and desktop. Kicksend was founded in 2011 by Pradeep Elankumaran and Brendan Lim and was originally incubated by Y Combinator, one of the most prestigious tech startup incubator programs in the country. Today, Kicksend is funded by True Ventures with participation from Digital Garage, SV Angel, Start Fund and Jack Abraham, the CEO of to for more


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