Apps Gone Free Roundup: Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time!, Extraction: Project Outbreak and more

If you’re a fan of Chillingo’s games, you’ll be happy to know that not one, but two of their games have gone free today. First up is Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time!, the sequel to the surprise hit that was released back in 2010 (see our review). In this latest instalment, our hero Chuck travels back in time to locales like ancient Egypt and and a Samurai dojo to rid the zombies once and for all. Extraction: Project Outbreak, another great Chillingo freebie, is a pretty lookin’ top-down 3D shooter that features a unique one-finger control system, a story driven single player campaign, an assortment of weapons and 4 different game modes. Lots of worthwhile apps that have recently gone from paid –> free, so be sure to check out the complete roundup after the break.

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! (Universal)

The zombies are back and it’s time to stop them for good. Help the eccentric Dr. Krause create the ultimate zombie-killing weapon. Travel in time to ancient Egypt, to a cold and dark Viking hut, an eerie castle, and a Samurai dojo.

The all-new ZombieStore is the ultimate anti-zombie arsenal, with undead-dispatching tools ranging from a Bottled Lightning Grenade that is truly electrifying to a Pocket UFO that abducts zombies and takes them to outer space for some good old-fashioned probing.

Equip your gun with fantastic new bullets, like Medusa rounds, that will turn the mumbling shufflers into stone, or The Bouncer, a bouncing bullet that can clear a large area, or if you are feeling cool just freeze them with the Frostbite bullet, creating the perfect zombie popsicle.

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! Chillingo, Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time!, – Free

Extraction: Project Outbreak (Universal)

Experience this explosive top-down 3D shooter inspired by retro classics and designed specifically for a touch screen. Clandestine government experiments on military personnel and POW’s have gone wrong, unleashing an outbreak of infected soldiers on the area surrounding the secret facility.

You play a hardened Private Military Contractor, drafted in to exterminate the infected. Featuring a unique one-finger control system, incredible visuals, a variety of weapons, four game modes, upgrades and more, Extraction will blow you away.

Extraction: Project Outbreak Chillingo, Extraction: Project Outbreak, – Free

Zen Wars (Universal)

Surround your base and fortify your walls. The more bases you acquire, the more cannons you will have at your disposal. Repair and fortify the base walls after each round to build up your defense.

Once you surround your fortress, place regular cannons, super cannons and powerful laser cannons. Be careful – place too many cannons and you will run out building space!

Use your cannons to destroy Lord Evilz’ army. You’ll be facing angry huns, crazy warriors, giant war pandas, and eventually Lord Evilz himself! Every shot counts! Fortify your fort and destroy Evilz in Zen Wars!

Zen Wars, Zen Wars (TMA Review), – Free

Nucleus (Universal)

Nucleus is an action packed arcade game with classic roots. You fly a spaceship around while blowing up space debris. There are tons of cool weapons powerups which give you lasers, heat seeking bullets, shields, etc. The goal of the game is to build Atoms by collecting Electrons and taking them to the Nucleus. It’s an incredibly fun and exciting game, and it can be played over AirPlay in true HD on your HDTV set.

Nucleus™ Pangea Software, Inc., Nucleusâ„¢, – Free

Piyo Blocks 2

Introducing Piyo Blocks 2, the magical match-em-up sequel to the iPhone original, Piyo Blocks. With all new retina graphics, new game modes, online multiplayer battles, and much, much more.

Match same coloured blocks to make them disappear, and capture the target number of blocks before the time runs out to level up. Make use of combos and power-ups to help match more and more glorious Piyo Blocks.

Now with six different single player modes, there’s a mode to suit everyone’s style of play.
• Piyo Mode – capture the target number of Piyo’s to level up
• Hyaku Mode – capture 99 or more of any Piyo type to level up
• Time Attack – 1,2, or 4 minute game, capture as many Piyo’s as you can

Piyo Blocks 2 Big Pixel Studios, Piyo Blocks 2, – Free

Age of Pinballs (Universal)

Pinball era of 80’s has been ended with 7 different pinball tables (Theme Park, Angry River, Spaceman, Caveman, Wizard, Zombie Invasion and Cleopatra).

A new pinball era is coming with newer pinball tables from 90’s. This new era brings a new name, AGE OF PINBALLS and such features as ramps, combos, holes and multipliers for example.

– 8 different camera views
– Real-life physics with 3D movement and collision calculation
– Highly detailed 3D graphics
– 100% compatibility with iOS 5

Age of Pinballs ASK Homework, Age of Pinballs, – Free

Hoppin’ Chicken

Tilt away my friend: it’s up to you to get the chicken hoppin’ and the balloons poppin’.
Furiously hop, bounce, and fly away, before you land in FARM FRESH aisle!

**May the Best Chicken Win**

What’s the point of hoppin’ without looking back, if you don’t have any jealous chickens to brag about it to? Connect with your friends on NCsoft’s mobile gaming network Wemo, and gleefully hop past the sulky ghosts of your friends.

Get that perfect 100% on your missions list (fulfill missions to unlock extra booster items!) and compete against the world using Wemo and Game Center.

Hoppin' Chicken NCsoft, Hoppin’ Chicken, – Free

Power of Logic

Power of Logic is a rebirth of the classic game of logic with endless variations. Use your power of logic to break the power station secret code. Start the generator and light up the city again. Apply your brain to the challenge in the dark atmosphere at the beginning of the last century – the age of imagination and great inventions.

Power of Logic Flow Studio, Power of Logic, – Free


Finger stretching, thrill overflowing adventure! Diverse theme-associated stages!

The diver of divers, Wonder Diver Alice goes down for the sake of her friends who are facing difficulties at the moment.

When you clear a level or when it’s game over, the amount of coins you earn depends on the amount of points you have acquired. Since you earn more coins when you clear a level, make sure you try to do so! You can purchase items at the shop using the coins.

WonderDiver WhalebackTeam, WonderDiver, – Free

Dawn of the Dead

Based on the smash hit movie from Universal Studios, Dawn of the Dead takes you inside and around the Crossroads Mall for the first time in a series of intense and terrifying levels as you fight to survive an onslaught of bloodthirsty zombies.

A terrifying zombie plague of unknown origin has broken out in your town. You’ve escaped your zombie-infested suburb and arrived at the entrance of the Crossroads Mall. Now you must fight to reach other survivors and get out alive…

Dawn of the Dead™ Fuse Powered Inc., Dawn of the Deadâ„¢, – Free

Jaws Revenge (Universal)

In Jawsâ„¢ Revenge you play the part of the hungry man-eater that terrorized Amity Island in the blockbuster movie. Only this time, you are out for revenge! Dish out payback to swimmers, sunbathers, seagulls, windsurfers, boats and more!

– Universal app for iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch
– Three worlds, 30 levels
– One-touch action
– Upgrade your shark – bigger teeth, tougher skin, and more!
– Frenzy for ultimate feeding!
– Collect coins and license plates

Jawsâ„¢ Revenge Fuse Powered, Jawsâ„¢ Revenge, – Free


An all-new naval battle theme with real-time combat globally! WonderCraft is a multiplayer casually competitive PvP game that lets you conquer the seven seas in your battleship. Combat against thousands of other players across the world in a classic naval setting, sink enemy ships with powerful cannons, turn the tide of battle with the cunning use of various items, bask in your golden glory, and become lord of the waters.

WonderCraft Chengdu tech, WonderCraft, – Free

Convex (Universal)

Convex is a revolutionary stylish converter for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Convex is SMART!

Convex is so smart, it understands you! Just type any conversion and get the result immediately for over 950 units for 20 categories.

Convex is the first converter that gets you by letting you type conversion naturally, in you own words. This makes Convex the fastest converter there is!

You know what you want to convert, just type it! Convex’s natural processing engine does the work for you. You’re 5ft 10? Just type that (don’t even mention the inches), Convex will figure it out and will even offer a smart default conversion to metric.

Convex Ergonotics, Convex, – Free

Panorama 360 Camera (Universal)

ONE touch, yes just ONE touch! Pano Camera 360 support Gyroscope Auto Shutter now (iPhone4 and iPad2), you just need to move and move, the camera will capture frames automatic. It is the best way to make high quality panorama photo within 10-30 seconds.

Wouldn’t you like a view of the really big panorama picture?

Adjusting the lans curvature.
White Balance/Brightness Lock to reduce difference for frames
Good for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR
Sweep/Auto shutter, easy and Quick
Accelerometer supported
Gyroscope auto shutter (iPhone4/iPhone4s and iPad2 only)
Very high resolution (Stitch Ultra-wide mode: 11453×1280
for IP4s/iPad2, 5720×640 for IP 3GS)
Recommended shooting distance: >2M

Panorama 360 Camera Go2Share, Panorama 360 Camera, – Free


Sizer application can help you to choose the right size of clothes in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Japan or Russia. All you need to know is one of the sizes — the application will tell the rest. Making a shopping trip to another country, online purchasing and an unexpected gift to your beloved will be easier when you can convert sizes on the go.

➤ Please customize the region settings it the system menu.

Sizer Manufactura, Sizer, – Free

Knowtilus – Web Browser + Text Editor (Universal)

Knowtilus (and Knowtilus PRO advanced version) is an elegant, versatile and innovative Web Browser and Text Editor suite packed with all the tools you’ll need while browsing, reading, writing, sharing and (re)searching the Web in your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s the first iOS App with a built in human-like Interactive Digital Assistant that reads aloud web pages and your documents with 52 amazing voices.

• Innovative multi-view tabbed web browser, the tabs can be rolled up/down vertically to split the screen among different websites and the built in text editor (side by side). Very handy and quick way to do multilevel browsing and web research.

Knowtilus - Web Browser + Text Editor + Text to Speech + Translator + Sketcher knowtilus, Knowtilus – Web Browser + Text Editor – Free

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